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Last Updated: November 24, 2001
Fiction by title, E-Z

Acts by LadyRhian and LadySerez Devil/Stone
author summary: Zeke wrestles with the implications of his heredity, and decides to pay the Devil back a little for his past actions...

Are We Having Fun Yet? by Summer Rain --- Devil/Stone - (5.5K)
The Devil reflects on Zeke's directive that he 'have fun'.

Bait and Switch by sidewinder --- The devil/Zeke Stone - (~39K)
Author summary: The devil keeps pushing. This time Zeke pushes back.
NC-17. Explicit m/m slash.

Blasphemy by Spike --- Devil/ Stone (~8.3K) The boys work through some power issues.
Author's rating: NC-17 for slashiness, sex, and power trippery.

Breaking the Trap by Polly Hammer --- Zeke/Devil (~40K)
Author summary: An innocent dinner with the Devil results in  a new and twisted scheme on his behalf; can Zeke face up to the challenge?     NC-17

Breathless by elfin --- Satan/Stone - (~96K) Part 1 Part 2
story divided into 2 parts due to length

blind faith by kai --- stone/satan, explicit satan/god (~29K)
Author Summary: satan pushes. zeke pushes back. NC-17, PWP?

Blood Lust by Shelley Wright --- (~12K)

A Chance Meeting by Danii  NEW
Author Summary:Two figures meet in the bowels of Hell.

Companion by Lady Rhian --- Devil/Stone (~15K)
Zeke finds how dangerous it is to bring things home from the streets

Compassion by kai --- (~)
Author summary:a very short companion piece to 'gift', this time from lucifer's pov. once again, canon is temporarily suspended.

Consequences  By sidewinder NEW (~35K)
Series: Games Demons Play
Author Summary: One tortured soul, and one even more tortured devil, start coming to terms with the consequences of their games.

Darkness by Lady Rhian --- Devil/Stone - (~8.7K)
In the park, the Devil asserts his control over Stone, showing him who really controls the situation.

The Devil's Lament by sidewinder --- (~17K)
Author summary: A tiny POV piece, set around the ending of the episode "Mourning After". It probably won't
make much sense if you haven't seen the episode, I'm afraid.

 Devil's Due by Tiger Lady --- Devil/Stone - (7.6K)
Stone gets a surprise visit while hiding out from the law.

The Devil's Side by Lady Serez --- Devil/Stone - (18.9K)
Set after the Episode 'Heat', the Devil reminisces about his first encounter with Stone and the reasons behind choosing him to pursue the 113 escapees.
Companion to "Ezekiel Stone's Side"

The Devil's Own --- Tiger Lady (~8.2K)
Pre-slash sequel to "Devil's Due", with a character twist.

Demons at the Gate---by Summer  Rain (~118K) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
 story divided into 3 parts due to length
Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg of the Cascade police department investigate a local murder. What they don't know is that this is a demon...and hot on the demon's trail is Ezekiel Stone.
Crossover with The Sentinel

The Dogman's Lament by Lady Serez --- Devil/Stone - (12.3K)
The Devil's thoughts, set after the episode 'Executioner'.

Fiction by title E-Z
El Diablo by Varsha  --- (~20K)
Author summary: This is as romantic as these guys get.

End and Means by Kate Fizsimons --- (~4K)

Ezekiel Stone's Side by Lady Serez
Companion to "The Devil's Side"

Forbidden Fruit by Varsha --- (~53K)
Author Summary:  If I had the opportunity to write an episode, I start out with
one just like this...

gift by kai (~4k)
Author summary: one future valentine's day, the devil gives zeke a gift. this very short scene just popped in my head. i'm not even sure if it's canonically accurate, but, what the heck, figured i'd share anyway.

Instructions by Lady Serez and Lady Rhian (~29.7K)
The Devil Gives Zeke the Instruction manual for his new powers... and inadvertantly hands him the keys.

Lancing -- by elfin (~71K)
Tragedy strikes and brings the Devil and Stone closer together. Will Ezekiel be able to prevent tragedy from striking again?

The Last Gift --- by Shelley Wright (~9K)
Author summary: Roz reflects on her life.

Light Up My Life by Rhonda Eudaly NEW
Author Summary: Zeke finds whole new meaning to "Hell on Earth."

Lunch by LadySerez and LadyRhian --- (~18.6K)
Authors summary: A meal with the secretaries from Hell

Mayhem by Lady Serez and Lady Rhian --- (~17.2K)
Authors summary: The secretaries put their plan into motion. A sequel to "Lunch"

Midnight Sun by sidewinder -- (~25K) NEW
Author Summary: All wicked things must come to an end...

Mother by Lady Rhian and Lady Serez --- (~17K)
Author summary:Stone gets a new and different visitor, who may have a different view on his nature.

Need ---by sidewinder  (~15K)
Pairing: Satan/Stone      Rating: D for Diabolical, of course.
Author summary: Ezekiel receives a late-night visit. Takes place
some short time after the episode "Ashes".

Night by Lady Rhian --- Devil/Stone (~23K)
Not pleased with Stone's previous actions, The Devil gives him another chance to prove himself.
Sequel to "Darkness"

Oh Unholy Night ---by sidewinder (~8K)
Author summary: a little "Brimstone" Christmas tale

perfect submission by kai --- stone/satan, implied satan/god (~27.7K)
a short pwp for the slashkink 'as i sucked his cock' challenge. NC-17, PWP

Plague of Ghosts by sidewinder -- (~27K)
Author summary: The end...or the beginning? Ezekiel and the devil have choices to make.

Plays, Novels, and Poems  by Morai Woodrum -- (~61k)

The Poker Game by Lady Serez --- (30.8K)
At a poker game, Shiva and Ahura Mazda grill the devil about his relationship with Stone and what it means.

Prime Time by Summer Rain (~16.6K)
Answer to a stonefic challenge. Requirements: wrist watch, Ellen (as in TV sitcom), supermarket....uh, don't ask ;-)

Questions, Some Answers by sidewinder (~25K) NEW
Author Summary: Just another brief interlude in this series.

Revelations by Lady Serez and Lady Rhian --- (~29.7K)
The secretaries at lunch discuss the latest revelations surrounding Stone.

Second Sight by sidewinder NEW
Author Summary: Zeke helps the devil see things from a different point of view.

Stone, Solitaire by Polly Hammer --- (~63K) Zeke/Devil
Author summary: SUMMARY:  Sequel to "Breaking the Trap".  Zeke's on his own. Can he track down one of the hundred and thirteen without any help and without getting distracted by thinking about what happened on Friday night?
R for language, slash implied

Sweet Dreams by Penemuel --- Stone/Devil (~8.8K)
Zeke and Devil and a night of lust. Was it all a dream?

Sweet Surrender by kai --- (~29.6K) Stone/Satan, implied Satan/God
Author summary: a sequel to 'perfect submission'. read that one first, or this one won't make much sense. written for the recent slashkink challenge: "the moment his cum hit my face..."

Tease by sidewinder --- (~26K) Satan/Stone
Author summary: Zeke is troubled. The devil does little to improve his state of mind. This is the third in series which began with "Oh Unholy Night" and continued in "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead", both of which can be found at http://sidewinder72.tripod.com/

Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead by sidewinder --- (~28K)
Author summary: A response to the slash-writers' list "Winter Wonderland" challenge, as well as a sequel to "Oh Unholy Night"

Unspoken by sidewinder --- (~12K) Satan/Stone
Author summary: The devil's thoughts, one silent night.

Whisper of Silk by Lady Serez --- Devil/Stone - (24.3K)

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