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             Sweet Dreams
             by Penemuel

             Some of them want to use you
             Some of them want to get used by you
             Some of them want to abuse you
             Some of them want to be abused...
                             --Eurythmics, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"

                     He sat in the open window, watching Ezekiel Stone as he slept. The one-time
             cop, now for all intents and purposes his unholy bounty hunter, was dreaming.
                     He sighed, watching as Stone's body began reacting to what was obviously an
             erotic dream, Stone's cock begining to stiffen as he groaned softly.
                     _Huh. Probably his wife. How dull...I should do something to remedy that..._
                     He unfolded from his window perch, his form shifting to the one that he
             allowed Stone to see, and walked to the bedside. There he lay down on the
             narrow strip beside Stone and leaned close. With his lips just brushing
             Stone's ear, he whispered, "Let me into your dreams, Ezekiel..."
                     A deep breath then, the warm scent of aroused human tickling his senses, then
             a soft sigh. He closed his eyes and relaxed, and suddenly the dream faded into
             existence around him...

                     ...Stone lay on a bed very much like the one they currently shared in the
             physical world, and someone lay on that bed with him. Hands stroked and
             caressed and Stone panted and moaned, but the person in bed with him had no
                     The Devil laughed, then, and mused, "Anonymous sex, Stone? I guess it makes
             sense -- you don't want to be unfaithful to your wife, but you want to get
             laid so badly..."
                     He walked forward and whispered, "I could solve that problem for you..." With
             a wave of his hand, Stone's faceless bed partner began to fade away.
                     "No...don't leave," Stone whispered, trying to reach for the tendrils of
             smoke that dissipated as he touched them. "No!"
                     Then the Devil slid into bed next to him and smiled down at him. "Don't
             worry, Ezekiel," he purred, "You're not alone..."
                     "You!" Stone said accusingly, "Can't you *ever* leave me alone?"
                     The Devil raised a hand and gently stroked Stone's throat, down to his
             collarbone, and then trailed teasing fingertips down his sweaty, tattooed
             chest. "But that's not what you want, Ezekiel," he murmured, pausing to pluck
             at one puckered nipple for a few moments, then moving on to the other.
                     "You know, come to think of it, your partner there looked awfully
             masculine..." Stone's eyes narrowed in anger, but the Devil didn't miss the
             subtle changes in his body chemistry as his arousal increased.
                     "So, who do you dream about that you're afraid to acknowledge even to
             yourself?" the Devil asked, his hand continuing the teasing trail downwards
             once more, sliding ever closer to Stone's erection.
                     "Just leave me alone and let me sleep," Stone ground out.
                     "Ezekiel," the Devil purred, "You're *dead* -- you don't *need* to sleep."
             Then he slid his hand around Stone's cock, hissing as he felt the heat pouring
             off his servant when he closed his hand tightly. "Besides, you want this,
             don't you..."
                     Stone shook his head, looking up into eyes that were barely inches away from
             his own, and said, "No, I *don't*."
                     The Devil leaned even closer, his thin lips brushing Stone's as his hair
             swung down around their faces. "Then *why* are you thrusting into my hand,
                     "I--" Suddenly a brutal kiss silenced him, the Devil forcing his hot tongue
             between Stone's lips, then pulling back slightly to capture Stone's lower lip
             between sharp teeth and bite. The hand tightened even more as Stone's cock
             jerked, then he began to pump, drawing a groan out of his servant.
                     "Oh yeah," the Devil purred, releasing Stone's tortured lip after flicking
             the tip of his tongue across the bite and savoring the taste of Stone's blood.
             "That's good, isn't it, Ezekiel," he purred softly, smiling cruelly as Stone's
             hips moved in time with his strokes. "Tell me what you want, Ezekiel..."
                     "Am I--" Stone began, his breath catching as the Devil squeezed again.
                     "Are you what, Ezekiel?" the Devil purred, nuzzling Stone's throat and
             nibbling along a collarbone.
                     "Am I still dreaming?" It was barely a whisper, but the Devil heard the
             desperation in it. Stone's body was trembling, the burning erection straining
             for completion.
                     He smiled broadly, dark glee shining in his eyes as he answered, "Yes,
             Ezekiel, you *are* still dreaming..."
                     Stone whispered something that even the Devil didn't hear, although he could
             sense it was "Thank God," and then Stone's arms came up to encircle him,
             pulling him into a frantic clinch. Stone ground his hips up into the heat of
             the Devil's body; hissing as a hot thigh pressed between his legs and the hand
             that had been pumping his cock let him go to slide down his flank and dig
             sharp fingernails into his asscheek.
                     The Devil pulled back enough to nibble and bite at Stone's nipples, tugging
             mercilessly on them and then laving them with his hot tongue.
                     "You want me, don't you, Ezekiel?" the Devil purred as Stone's body
             tightened, the friction of his cock against the burning heat of the Devil's
             skin bringing his orgasm closer and closer. "You can say it, Ezekiel, this
             *is* just a dream..."
                     He smiled and fastened sharp teeth on Stone's shoulder, bit hard enough to
             break the skin and add yet another mark of ownership. Suddenly Stone's body
             was bucking beneath him, jets of cum spurting from his tortured cock as he
             growled, "Fuck, yeah; I want you, you bastard!"
                     The Devil sighed with satisfaction and allowed himself to come, his cum
             mixing with Ezekiel's and making their bodies sticky and slick. And then he
             purred, "That's all I needed to hear," and vanished, his laughter echoing in
             the room.

                     "Oh *God*!" Stone shouted as he woke, his body and the bed sticky with cum
             and his breath coming in gasps as if he'd just run a marathon.
                     He stood and padded to the bathroom to clean himself off, mumbling, "Where
             the hell did *that* come from? Thank God it was just a dream..."
                     And then he looked at himself in the mirror, and saw the bloody bite mark on
             his shoulder...
                                                     The End

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