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             Ezekiel Stone and the Devil, belong to Fox and not me. I have just borrowed
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             ragged churchmouse and what's left belongs to the Universal Unconscious. Sue
             at your own risk. I'm so broke I can't even pay attention.

             by Lady Rhian

             Stone set the dish of milk down on the floor. "Sorry," he told the cat, which
             looked up at him with hopeful gold eyes. "It's all I have right now. I'll get
             you some real food in the morning."

             The cat made no comment, but twined around his ankles, nearly tripping him,
             before padding to the bowl and lapping the milk delicately with its very pink
             tongue. Stone smiled, put his coffee cup in the sink, and left it to its meal.

             He moved to the bedroom and threw his jacket over the chair, followed by his
             shirt a minute later. He stared at the tattoos adorning his torso for a
             moment, then kicked off his shoes and socks, tossing them at the chair and not
             particularly caring where they fell.

             He moved to the window, cranking it open to catch the balmy breeze flowing in
             from the bay. With pensive eyes, he looked out into the night before taking
             off his pants and slipping between the clean white cotton sheets.

             A slight thump was his only warning that he now had company. The black cat
             picked its way carefully across the bed to settle next to him, its bright gold
             eyes watching him with that expressionless unconcern that seemed the epitome
             of feline self-expression.

             With a smile, he reached out and stroked its soft fur, running his fingernails
             down the spine. The cat arched its back slightly, eyes half-closed in
             pleasure, coat rippling under his firm touch. After a moment, its rumbling
             purr filled the air.

             He'd never had a cat as a pet before- he'd been more of a dog person himself.
             But when he'd heard those plaintive mews coming from a tied sack in the alley,
             he wasn't hardened enough to pass it by. The cat, apparently grateful for the
             rescue, had taken to following him silently like a stealthy shadow. With
             devotion like that, he couldn't leave it to starve outside.

             Still caressing the soft fur with one hand, he reached up and turned out the
             light. The calm purring followed him down into the depths of sleep.

             He woke up, feeling the soft brush of fur between his thighs. For a moment, he
             was confused, and then he relaxed, remembering his erstwhile pet, only to
             tense again as a rough tongue licked the inside of his thigh. That was no cat!

             In a moment, the sensation of fur was gone, replaced by satiny skin and a
             weight on his chest. The Devil looked down at him with an amused expression.
             "Oh, very good, Ezekiel," the Devil purred, stroking a finger down his chest,
             tracing the line of dark hair that ran across Stone's belly and abdomen to
             disappear beneath his briefs. "I wondered how long it was going to take you to
             catch on."

             Stone watched the Devil carefully, warily. "What do you want?" he asked, not
             taking his eyes off the other man.

             "I should think that was obvious." The Devil's body seemed to contract in a
             slithery motion that moved him further up Stone's body. Stone could feel the
             Devil's stomach muscles moving against his cock, which, treacherously, was
             beginning to get interested in the motion of their bodies against each other.

             "Not interested," he bit out through clenched teeth. He knew the Devil could
             compel him at any time just by threatening to renege on their agreement. But
             something told him that the other man wanted him to come willingly, to beg,
             and that was something he would not do. Would not. Could not.

             "Really?" the Devil replied with a lazy smile. "You certainly seemed to enjoy
             sharing that... heavy petting with me earlier." Before Stone could reply, he
             bent and sucked one of Stone's nipples into his mouth.

             The  slightly rough texture of his tongue as he laved the nipple, combined
             with the wet heat of the Devil's mouth, sent pleasure searing through his
             body. He found himself suddenly, shockingly hard and erect. Even when the
             Devil moved to his other nipple, flashes of heat seemed to sear his flesh, and
             the remaining wetness clung like liquid fire.

             A pool of warmth gathered in his groin, and he held his eyes closed, clenching
             his teeth. Despite what he felt, despite what he was being made to feel, he
             would not make a sound. He was not going to beg.

             Then, after a long, long moment, he was alone in bed once more. He opened his
             eyes to see the Devil standing over him. "You're sure?" the Devil asked in a
             tone of amused condescension, running his fingers lightly over the erection
             protruding from his briefs.

             It took Stone a few moments to find his voice. "Yes," he said, with a
             confidence he didn't feel.

             "Ah." The Devil made a gesture, and he was holding Stone's briefs, crumpled
             into a ball of fabric, in his hand. "I believe I shall keep this... as a
             souvenir." He traced one of Stone's nipples with a single finger, creating a
             cooler path through the still-warm saliva. "I'll have you one day, Ezekiel,"
             he told him, as if it was already a fait accompli.

             This time, Stone didn't trust himself to answer. The Devil Blew Stone a
             mocking kiss, and was gone. Stone closed his eyes and rolled onto his side,
             almost curling into a ball. He'd almost... almost....

             He didn't trust himself to complete the thought. In the future, he knew, he
             would have to be more careful about what he brought home.


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