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             In a flash of light, the Devil popped up in the middle of the empty street.
             Smirking quietly to himself, he carefully cleaned the last of the blood off
             his fingernail. Wouldn't do for Stone to ask what he'd been doing, now would

             Zeke was sitting in the furthest back table he could get, and he could still
             feel the eyes on him. Ever since the last time he'd been visited by the Devil,
             he'd been feeling stares follow him. While he hadn't minded so much at first,
             five solid days of being stared at was enough to shake anyone's confidence.

             And sometimes, it was more than just staring. In the past five days, he'd also
             recieved more propositions than he'd ever had while walking the streets as a
             beat cop. And not just from the women. Those he could handle. But the ones
             from the men... It reminded him of the Devil's visit, and he could feel a
             crimson flush warm his cheeks. Damn! He could almost swear that the thing that
             was his boss had set the whole thing up just to annoy him.

             Finally, the waitress came up to him. But instead of taking Stone's order, as
             he had expected, she leaned down and kissed him hard, on the mouth. 

             The Devil stared through the window, mouth ajar. Just what *had* Eblis done to
             Stone? Feeling someone standing at his shoulder, he turned around. And saw a
             mob of adoring men and women.

             For a moment, Stone was so shocked that he didn't fight the kiss, but when the
             waitress plopped down in his lap, he managed to push her away. She stared at
             him with a sexy smile. "I get off work at five. How'sabout you and me go back
             to my place and..." she trailed off, tracing one finger over his lips.

             "I'm married," he told her bluntly.

             "I don't mind," she said with a smile.

             The Devil had had enough. He stormed through the door, yanked Stone to his
             feet, while dumping the now-whining waitress to the floor, hissing, "I've got
             something to tell you..."

             "Yes he is--to *ME*" And the Devil smiled that evil smile at the waitress. 

             "Ooh, baby, I could live with that!" She glanced at both men and smiled

             "So, howsabout it, sugar?" the waitress' eyes glittered, like someone with a
             fever. "You're friend is kinda cute. I could do you both."

             Stone glanced over at the Devil, noting the apoplectic rage building up in the
             other man, and found something to grin about for the first time in five days.
             "No," he told her gently. 

             "Yaaahhhhh! Can't you take a fucking *NO* as a answer!?!?!" The Devil howled.
             Stone looked at him. "Why are you so surprised, my love? You can't, either." 

             And then Stone found himself hustled outside in what seemed like the blink of
             an eye. The Devil pushed him up against the stone wall in the alley. "What the
             *hell* do you think you're doing?" he cried, practically frothing at the

             "Funny you should ask that," Stone replied, deciding he could count the veins
             in the Devil's neck from here. Seeing the Devil so obviously put out was a new
             experience for him, and he half-wanted to savor the experience a little. As
             long as the staring and propositioning problem got taken care of.

             "One, two, three, four..." Stone chanted.

             The other man's eyes creased in puzzlement. "What are you doing?" 

             "Seeing if I really can count your veins..." Stone shook himself. "You said
             you had something to tell me. Does it have to do with all the, uh, horny
             hordes descending on me during the last week?"

             There was a sound at the mouth of the alley, and both men turned to see some
             brawny construction workers staring at them, no, staring at Stone. One of the
             men was licking his lips, and a couple of women in short dresses were fighting
             to make their way to the front of the crowd.

             "This might not be the best place to have this conversation," Stone said to
             the Devil.

             A grumble of agreement was the only sound from the other man. The Devil
             stepped back and Stone carefully peeled himself off the brick wall. Slowly,
             they walked off down the alley. Zeke had the suspicion that if he moved any
             faster, the men and women watching him, might just decide to chase him, like a
             wolf pack bringing down a lone prey animal. It wasn't like he could count on
             his erstwhile boss for support. He'd probably just watch and laugh and call
             out suggestions.

             "Now what do we do? In case you didn't notice, I'm not exactly a tank..."
             Stone said, looking at the brawny workers. The women with the short skirts
             just licked their lips in anticipication. 

             "That is, other than making suggestions about various sexual positions."

             "You wound me, Zeke," the Devil said, with a trace of his old charm. But the
             way he said it reminded Stone of an feral animal growling.

             It wasn't long before they got back to the apartment building where Zeke
             lived. Max was at the counter, and she looked up as the two men walked in.
             "Stone!" she called out cheerfully. "I got a message for you." She came around
             the counter, and without warning, launched herself at him.

             She careened into him with the force of a cannonball, knocking him into the
             wall. With horror, he felt her hands moving over his chest while her mouth
             sought out and found his.

             She kissed him quite thoroughly, and when she finally came up for air, he
             noticed she had nearly wormed her way through the layers of clothes he wore
             and she was clinging like a limpet.

             "Wha?" he managed to blurt out, but she interrupted him.

             "I know a better use for that mouth o' yours," she said with a grin and kissed
             him again.

             "Get her off me! Morningstar! Don't just *stand* there!" howled Zeke, while
             fighting off the octopus-like hands of Max. Lucien stood there, trying to
             decide what to do. Finally, he hissed a word. Max slumped down, and Zeke
             pushed her off. "If you know anything, *anything* at all about why Max, an
             avowed feminist, would do this..." 

             "Do you *really* want to hold a conversation out here, where *anyone* could
             walk by?" The Devil asked, his urbane voice leaving Zeke feeling like he'd
             been dipped in liquid nitrogen. There was no doubt about it. The Devil was

             The ride upstairs in the elevator seemed to take forever. When they were
             finally inside and the door closed behind them, Zeke rounded on the Devil.
             "What the *fuck* have you done to me? I can't go outside without everyone
             looking at me, touching me. And the women are the least of it!"

             "Would you believe me if I told you you're an incubus?" 

             "A what?!" Zeke was seriously mystified. He'd never heard the term before.

             "A sex demon. Ok, you're *half*, courtesy of Eblis." The Devil smirked at him.
             It was nice, very nice, to see the detective flushed.

             Zeke stood there staring at the Devil. "And what's this Eblis supposed to have
             done to make me one?" It was clear he was having trouble believing what his
             boss was saying. His arms were crossed over his chest, and he glared down at
             the Devil.

             "You mean they didn't tell you about how babies are made in school? Oh, the
             woe!" The Devil leaned back in his chair. "The shame! The lack of

             "So my father wasn't my father, is that what you're saying?" Zeke still didn't
             look like he believed what the Devil was saying. "Or is he supposed to be my

             Morningstar looked at him. "I should think you'd be happy not to be related to
             that monster you called father. Yes, Eblis is your daddy. Came to your mommy
             one fine night, humped her in her dreams. What's wrong, Zeke?"

             "If that's true, then why wasn't I like this all my life? I was fine until you
             showed up!"

             "Fine? You were dead, Zeke! After you killed Gilbert Jax, I might mention."
             Morningstar looked speculatively at Stone. "Did you have any erotic dreams?
             Say, starting five days ago?"

             Zeke turned away. What had happened between them had been no dream, and here
             the bastard was taunting him about it! He let out an exasperated sigh. "You
             know what happened five days ago," he said, turning back to face the other

             "Did you mean it was about me?" The Devil laughed delightedly. "Zeke, I'm

             And he looked it, too. A wide smile split the Devil's mouth and a merry light
             danced in his eyes. Then the Devil stopped and thought about the implications.
             Eblis had been on earthside five days ago... and Stone had dreamed about him.
             "Whaaaat! I'm going to kill him some more!"

             Zeke ignored him. "So, that wasn't you, either, hmm?" he said, his voice flat
             and non-judgemental. The way he'd said things when he hadn't believed what a
             suspect was saying. "Do you really expect me to believe this?"

             "Oh, so you don't? Take a glance out the window, Ezekiel Stone. Count how many
             people are out there by now. They can smell you, dear boy. You sweat sex.
             That's what an incubus does. Besides, do you have a better explanation?"

             "Yeah. This is all one of your sick games, like when you jerked me around
             about Jax. You're doing this to get your jollies off it. Take whatever you've
             done and turn it off. Then get out of here and leave me alone."

             "I can't."

             "Yeah, right."

             "I can't 'turn it off', as you so blithely put it," the Devil went on in a
             sharper tone, "because I didn't 'turn it on' in the first place. You've always
             had the potential to be an incubus, Zeke, but because of that little dream you
             had, it started something even I cannot undo. That's the beauty of it, Stone,
             I can't do it. Only God can. I'm here to hopefully teach you to rein it in."

             "And I'm supposed to trust you?"

             This seemed to amuse the other man. "Do you have any choice? You can't do your
             job the way you are now. It would be an *awful* shame if I had to take you
             back because you're too distracted to do your job properly."

             Zeke sighed. The Devil had a point. "All right. What am I supposed to do?"

             "Well, first of all, you read this." A book materialized in the Devil's hand.
             "It's the how-to manual on incubi."

             Stone grabbed the book and paged through it. "You've got to be kidding." The
             manual was filled with incredibly tiny type, and it wasn't even in English.
             "Do you have the English translation?"

             "Oh, sorry," the Devil said with the lurid grin that said he wasn't sorry at

             "Ah, ah. Focus your eyes, your mind. You want to read this book. Very much
             so." The voice was soothing. Zeke looked down at the book, and almost dropped
             the book as the letters writhed and moved into English.

             "Congratulations! You're an incubus?!?" Stone read disbelievingly. "You have
             *got* to be kidding. Who wrote this manual? Hallmark?"

             "Just read it!"

             Zeke began to read. It was actually quite interesting. It covered the powers
             of the incubi as well as the way they could shift form between that of a man
             and a woman. He glanced up speculatively from time to time, thinking. With
             these sorts of powers, he could go and visit Roz in her dreams and spend as
             much time with her as he wanted.

             "Bzzt. Guess again." The Devil's voice was cold but jovial. "I've put you down
             here to do a job. I don't look kindly on goofing off."

             Zeke glared at the Devil, but went back to reading.

             Apparently, it was quite rare for incubi to father children. Something about
             their low sperm rate.

             "Low sperm rate?"

             "Either that or they use too many condoms."

             It also claimed that they were basically immortal, and that their own powers
             had an effect on their personalities. Incubi and Succubi both loved sex.
             Meeting a new conquest got them just as turned on as their lover. It was a
             combination few could resist. Incubi didn't just visit men and women to
             endanger their souls, but because they couldn't stop, even if they wanted to.

             Zeke shuddered as he turned the page. That was a fate he didn't... quite want
             to contemplate.

             At the end of the book were a series of exercises the newly-formed incubus
             should do to perfect their powers. The first one was something called
             "Drawing". An incubus or succubus could do this to attract men and women to
             them. It seemed to be strongest when used against one target alone, but could
             be used on groups as well.

             Zeke smiled and ran his eyes over the instructions on the page. He looked up
             to see that the Devil was staring out the window, as he had been most of the
             time he'd been reading. He closed his eyes to a mere squint and concentrated
             on "drawing" the Devil over to him.

             The effect was immediate. The Devil turned towards Zeke. "What are you..." he
             trailed off as he took several steps away from the window and towards Zeke.
             There was a glow in his eyes that mimicked those on the people who had been
             staring at him for the last five days.

             Drunk with the sense of his own power, Zeke found himself laughing softly.
             This was payback for all the times the Devil had jerked him around. How must
             it feel to have the shoe on the other foot?

             He continued to "draw" the other man to him, until they stood barely five
             inches apart. The look on the Devil's face was disbelieving as he raised his
             hand and stroked Zeke's face. The Devil's open eyes were a dark golden color,
             bright as sherry.

             Then, Zeke cut the connection between them, quickly, brutally. The Devil's
             hand shot back, and after a shocked moment, there was anger in his eyes. "You
             will never do that again," he said.

             "Maybe." Zeke retorted. "Maybe," Zeke repeated. And smiled.

             He reached out effortlessly with the power again, and although this time he
             felt resistance, he knocked it almost easily aside. A warm feeling washed
             through his body as the Devil trembled in the grip of his power. Excitement
             pulsed through him in waves as he bent his eyes to the book again. The next
             lesson showed him how to control and enflame those already in his power. He
             concentrated and began to grin when he heard the Devil groan. There was naked
             lust in his eyes, in his face.

             The Devil reached out totouch him, but Zeke said, "No." And the Devil drew

             He tried again almost immediately. "No." Zeke said, a little more gently this
             time. And then, drawn by an instinct he couldn't even give name to, he bent
             down and captured the other man's lips with his own.

             The Devil moaned. When he got back to Hell, he was going to have a *long* talk
             with Eblis about using condoms, but right now...

             The Devil's lips opened under his, drawing Zeke into his mouth. The spicy,
             exotic taste intrigued him sparking further exploration... until he realized
             exactly what it was he was doing.

             Who was kissing who here? The Devil thought.

             Zeke stood there, feeling the erection pressing hard against the front of his
             pants. He remembered the words in the book and shuddered. 'Excited by their
             victim's desire'... He pulled himself away. "Go home now," he told the Devil.

             The other man sighed and disappeared. Zeke dropped to the bed and buried his
             head in his hands. What was happening to him?

             He didn't want to be damned forever, and yet, if he went on like this, he knew
             he would be. He put one of his hands down. It came to rest on the book. With
             one swift slap of his hand, he sent it skittering into the corner of the room.
             Perhaps if he just never went out again...

             The end... for now

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