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    I don't own Fox or WB. What a pity. Thus I also don't own Brimstone. Too
bad. And so I am on dangerous legal ground. I *might* be a criminal, even
though I make no money on this.  Big deal. I have nothing for TPTB to take
that they would want anyway

    Okay, this is about what the end might be like, and you can guess who
the narrator is.

End and Means
 By Kate Fitzsimons

 "All one hundred and thirteen captured.  What am I going to do with you,
hmmm, Ezekeiel?"

 "You didn't seriously think that you'd be mortal again, did you, Stone?
Fifteen years in my realm and five working for me on Earth do not a mortal
make. You are entirely too much my creature now to ever walk in His kingdom.
You have done my bidding, however, so I can hardly send you back, now can I?
I think I'll leave you right where you are.  I need hands and eyes on Earth
and you've always done quite nicely.  You won't age and you won't die, but
that's your problem."

 "Ahh ah ah .... Is that any way to talk to your master?  Make no mistake,
you *are* mine, Stone, far more than you were the day you left my realm.
Doing my will has a way of doing that to a person."

 "I don't think you really understand yet what you've become."

 "No, no, we can deal.  I give you, how shall we say this;  jobs? Nothing
beyond your capabilities or the meager remains of your conscience, of
course.  In return, I let you stay in the world.  In my service. You might
even have a 'life', find a mortal woman to take the place of that Rosalynd
of yours who is happily sleeping with that perfectly mortal librarian these
days; it might be a decade or two before I call on you again."

 "Sure, I know whose side you'll be on at the last battle, but it will be at
least another ten thousand  years or so until in the end you do Judas one

 "But remember this.  Before you return to the side of that over glorified
lightbulb, a sacrafice, I might add, that you won't survive, you have much
to do as my agent.  Until you find your wings, and you won't until it is far
too late for you, you are *mine*.  My creature and you know you will come to
my call.  You hate yourself because somewhere within you, you know you're
looking forward to it."

 "Enjoy the next ten thousand years, Stone.  I know I will."


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