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             by Lady Rhian

             The Devil slid carefully up behind Stone in the bed, watching him sleep. So
             determined to be human, his servant. So determined to put the horrors of Hell
             behind him. The Devil held in the chuckle. As if he'd actually ever *release*
             his servant.

             He watched Stone for a moment, his gaze stroking the lines of the body
             glinting pale in the moonlight. Without needing to see them, he could read
             every tattoo etched into Stone's flesh, binding his servant's soul to his
             service. He could still see the bite mark seared deep into Stone's flesh by
             the force of his teeth. Stone could not be hurt by anything earthly, but as
             he'd once told him, one damned soul could torture another. And he was the most
             damned soul of them all.

             He announced his presence with a slow movement that pressed his erect cock up
             against Stone's ass. It was quite... gratifying to feel that sudden start of
             fear, that tenseness in the limbs as Stone tried desperately not to move.

             "What do you want?" the words were tense, almost hesitant.

             The Devil grinned, eyes shining faintly red in the dim light. "You cheated me,
             Ezekiel, out there in the park. I wanted your surrender. I got your
             forbearance instead. You could say I'm back to exact my... pound of flesh." He
             completed the sentence with a rough stroke along Stone's cock, which grew hard
             under his touch.

             Stone didn't reply, closing his eyes and taking a deep, useless breath. The
             Devil laughed deeply, the noise echoing like booming thunder, and probed at
             Stone's anus with his finger. His servant flinched, but his cock grew harder
             in response.

             "Well, well, look at that," the Devil murmured. "I never knew you wanted to be
             fucked so badly. Tell me, Ezekiel, when you were fucking your wife, were you
             imagining yourself with another man?" His hand gave Stone's cock another rough
             stroke before he rammed his hard cock into the other man's anus.

             Stone gave a brief cry, surprise and pleasure in equal parts. The Devil could
             feel that fire beginning to blaze inside his slave, a fire he was going to fan
             until it became a necessity, an obsession. And if it caused Ezekiel Stone to
             fail in his task? He would simply have all the longer to play with his slave.
             The thought of Ezekiel crying out to him, begging to be touched, manipulated,
             played with... The Devil shivered in delight, his grin whiter and broader than
             any human's could possibly be.

             He let his fingernails scrape lightly down the underside of Stone's cock,
             grazing the sensitive flesh with a deliberately brutal touch. Stone's hips
             bucked violently, forcing the Devil's cock deeper into his ass. His cock was
             rock-hard and his body trembling.

             "Did you yearn for a man to touch you like this, Ezekiel?" the Devil murmured,
             his voice poisonously sweet. He stabbed his cock ever deeper, ramming their
             hips together with a smack of flesh meeting flesh.

             He brought his other hand around to play with the base of Stone's cock as he
             thrust his hips out and back, using force that would have torn mere human
             flesh. A cry of shocked pleasure screamed from Stone's lips, leaving his body
             wide open, defenseless. In a flash, the Devil had him spread-eagled across the
             bed, held down with what felt like iron bands.

             "Is this what you want, Ezekiel?" the Devil said, one hand still wrapped
             around Stone's cock, still thrusting hard and deep. Tremors shook Stone's
             body, and his muscles quivered with strain, but he didn't answer.

             The Devil snarled in displeasure, but released his servant. He stepped away
             from the bed, leaving Stone quivering on the bed, anus blushed to a rosy-red,
             his body a picture of submission and need. "Perhaps I'll just keep you like
             this for a few days," the Devil said, looking him over. He let a single finger
             wander down between Stone's buttocks, circling his anus a few times before
             slowly pressing inwards.

             Almost despite himself, Stone moved back against the pressure, letting the
             single finger slide into him. His face was full of mingled self-loathing and
             pleasure. Infinitely slowly, the Devil insinuated another finger, then

             "Very good, Ezekiel. You're learning very quickly." The Devil's voice was full
             of amused malice. He pulled his fingers out, prompting a moan of loss from the
             other man's lips. "Do you want this?" he asked, rubbing the tip of his
             cockhead against Stone's ass.

             Once again, Stone tried to move backwards, but this time, the Devil prevented
             him, keeping him in a position where he could feel the pressure but not do
             anything about it. "Do you want this?" he repeated, with a slightly more
             kindly tone, fondling the tip of Stone's cock where it lay nearly parallel to
             his stomach, touching and stroking and rubbing it against the rough skin of
             his palms.

             Stone nodded slightly, so quickly that it was almost unnoticeable. "You can do
             better than that. Ezekiel," the Devil said, continuing to play with the steel-
             hard cock cradled in his palm. His caresses were slow and lazy, unhurried, as
             if he had all the time in the world. "I could just leave now, if that is what
             you truly want..."

             Stone made a choked noise that became a groan. "I..." he said, then trailed
             off, his body flexing as the Devil's nails touched a senstitive spot. "I
             want..." Agony reflected in his eyes.

             "Yes?" the Devil purred, not making it any easier. He did not intend to make
             it easy at all. He scraped a nail lightly against Stone's cockhead, enjoying
             the long moan of pleasure it evoked.

             "More." The word came out in a rush.

             The Devil decided that was enough of a concession for now, and rammed himself
             deep, hearing Stone's cry of pleasure with a sense of exultation he usually
             only felt when punishing sinners. Another hard thrust, and Stone's semen was
             spurting all over the sheets beneath them, cool and silky against the Devil's

             The Devil drew out his hand and licked at the white droplets before holding
             the same hand to Stone's lips. "Taste," he said, and almost laughed when he
             felt the brush of Stone's tongue against his fingetips.

             "Mine," the Devil said viciously. "Now and forever, you are mine." Then, he
             let himself come, adding to his pleasure. When he was done, he got up from the
             bed and looked back down at Stone. He expected to see his servant broken,
             hating himself. What he got was a shock. Stone stared up at him, a self-
             satisfied smile playing around his lips. "Was it good for you, too?"

             Impossible. This had to be impossible. Could the Prince of Lies be lied to?
             Could the Trickster be tricked? It had to be a front. It had to be. He forced
             himself not to show the shock he was feeling, but suspected he hadn't really
             been successful when Stone grinned lazily. "You're good," he told the Devil.
             "But I've had better."

             Shock and rage swirled though the Devil's body, but he fought them down. "I
             suppose you want to do it again, then?" he asked with false charm.

             "Any time you're ready," Stone replied, rolling over onto his back, drops of
             his own cum glittering in the hair on his chest. "Now, if you like."

             Bright-hot rage flared through the Devil's body. This was not what he had
             wanted. Where was the cringing submission, the begging? It seemed Ezekiel
             Stone would be harder to break than he had thought. "Thank you for the offer,"
             he said with some of his old savoir-faire. "But perhaps another time."

             Stone chuckled briefly. "I'll be expecting you."

             Snarling, the Devil wrapped himself in his power and disappeared from the
             room. The residents of Hell would pay for this... how could things go so
             completely *wrong*?


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