Okay I will try to answer the story challenge but I suck at comedic stories so... <g>
btw Ryoko, Ellen and chewing gum and vitamin pills??  I won't even ask ;-D

>Ryoko's challenge was to:
>Make a Devil/Ezekiel story involving with:

>             wrist watch
>             Ellen (as in TV sitcom)
>             supermarket
>             chewing gum
>             vitamin pill
>             toothpaste
>             Extra 500 points if you make it comedy.
>             Extra 30,000 points if you put (or mention) a sex scene. >(I know, I
>             know... <eg>)

Answer to Ryoko's challenge

Disclaimer: FOX owns them, well as much as you can own a technically unliving person and the Devil <g>.  I've got no claim to them and intend no copyright infringement.

Prime Time
By Summer Rain

Ezekiel walked down the street quietly, mouth slowly working on the chewing gum he had just popped into his mouth. He reflected on the latest demon he had sent back to the netherworld. He felt tired, though not physically tired since that wasn't really possible anymore.  What he felt was emotional exhaustion brought on by weeks of running around chasing demons.

He missed the simple existence. Downing vitamins every day as if it made a diefference in the end, paying taxes, driving through New York traffic, getting jostled and bumped while walking down the street. He especially missed having people read their newspapers on top of his head as he sat in the crowded trains, which were invariably stuck between stations for fifteen minutes with no air conditioning. Ah, to be among the living again.

He needed something different. Chasing demons was not what he wanted to be doing. He missed being around people, and yet he feared to get too close to anyone around him.
After all, how many people would be eager to become best buddies with a not-so-recently-deceased person. He wanted to be with someone, someone who would not be scared of who he was and what he represented.  The only ones who currently qualified were what was left of the escaped demons and he certainly didn't want to  be rolling around between the sheets with any of them. That would be like sleeping with the Devil himself!

"It'll never happen," he mumbled to himself at the image that that presented.

He shrugged and checked the wristwatch he had just purchased from a shady street vendor, marveling at the fact that the five dollar watch was still ticking.  It was all he could afford at the paltry salary of $36.27 a day. He needed a raise.

Recent entreaties to the Devil had gotten nowhere and had been rebuffed and ridiculed, after which the Devil had spouted off something about high overhead and the fluctuating market before disappearing in a flash.

*Of course there was the time he told me I could get a raise for _services rendered_  but surely he was kidding as to what those services were?* he mused. Shaking off the ridiculous thought, he turned into the supermarket not far from his room.  If his wristwatch was correct he had several minutes before the prime time shows started on TV. He was going to grab some chips and soda and veg out in front of the TV and see if TV had gotten any better in the fifteen years he had been gone.

He didn't know what shows were playing but he was off for the night having dispatched  the latest demon, and definitely needed whatever comedy was playing on the tube. He moved through the supermarket quickly grabbing the soda, chips and various miscellaneous items along the way. At the cashier he leafed through the TV listing as he waited in line for the woman in front of him to count out seven dollars worth of pennies.

*Hmmm, "Ellen"? Wonder if that show is anything like Charles In Charge?* he thought to himself. Before he could read further the cashier was calling for him to present his purchases. He stuck the TV listing back on the shelf since he didn't want to actually buy it and stepped to the cashier and paid for his items. He rushed  back home dropping the bag on the counter and  heading over for the TV to flick it on to Ellen.

He went and filled a cup with ice and grabbed the chips and the bottle of soda and set himself down in front of the TV, preparing not to stir for at least a couple of hours.

"Oh this is quite cozy"

The soft voice caused him to jump and slosh soda onto his leg. Stone rolled his eyes up, sighing as he turned to look in the direction of the man who had spoken.

He growled softly as he saw the other man pawing through the bag of items he had purchased at the supermarket. The growl stuck in his throat as Lucifer looked up from his inspection, ensnaring Ezekiel in his gaze.

"Oh Zeke" the Devil practically purred "was that growl for me? Did you know that some people consider that an invitation to mate?" He said chuckling outright.

Zeke met the intense gaze with his own, even as a hot blush infused his face. His stare faltered after only a moment. He turned his gaze back to the TV hoping that the Devil would just leave him in peace to watch TV if he ignored him long enough.

The warmth of the other man settling down next to him on the floor convinced him that the Devil had no intentions of leaving any time soon.

Zeke heard the rustling next to him and looked over to see Lucifer still rifling through the supermarket bag.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you that it is rude to go through other peoples belongings?" he asked.

The Devil's only response was to pull out a tube of toothpaste and look at it before shaking his head and setting the bag down on the floor.

"You know Stone. I just don't get it. You are sitting here watching TV eating chips, drinking soda..." his words trailed off.

"Yeah so what?" Stone responded "It's what normal people do."

"That's just it Mr. Stone. You are not normal! You are dead and you have a job to do. I am not employing you to sit around watching TV and scarfing down chips and soda.  The fact that you would even buy these things....and toothpaste? Your teeth will never chip, you will not get cavities. You don't need tartar control toothpaste since you can't get TARTAR!", the Devil ended, practically in a shout.
Suddenly as was his way his gaze turned mischievous, his words crude, "I can think of another use for toothpaste, someplace else it can do good besides your mouth."

Zeke looked up startled at the other man's tone. His voice had taken on a husky quality and he seemed to be staring at Ezekiel intently as if to see his reaction to the words.

Zeke opened his mouth and then snapped it shut realizing he had nothing to say and turned away from the other man, letting his attention drift back to Ellen.  The show was in no way enough to distract him as from the corner of his eye he watched the Devil fingering the tube of toothpaste.

"Hmm, yes I think this would work as lubrication," he heard the Devil say softly as if he were mumbling to himself.

Zeke shifted away casually from the other man's heat, almost moaning as the Devil shifted with him to maintain the same distance between them. If you could describe a mere inch or so of air as distance. When had the Devil gotten so close?

"Something wrong Ezekiel?" the other man asked as he leaned in to establish eye contact with his subject.

When Stone looked up to answer, the hunger in the other man's eyes was his undoing.  He sprang up from the floor and ran over to the counter for his keys prepared to bolt from the apartment.

He groaned as just as he reached the counter, the slight body of the Devil's human form pressed against him.

He shivered slightly as the slighter man grasped his shoulders and twirled him around so that they were pressed front to front.

Ezekiel's eyes widened as their erect penises pressed together. Not so much because the Devil was hard but because his own body had reacted in kind. Hadn't he just been thinking before about how he wouldn't sleep with the Devil?

It seemed his body had other ideas.

He shivered again as he saw the Devil's easy smile turn into a leer in response to Ezekiel's realization of his own body's reaction.

He couldn't help the gasp that escaped from his as Lucifer leaned forward, teeth bared. Hid body braced in anticipation of the pain that would accompany the bite.

The gasp turned into a whimper when instead of the rough bite he had expected, he instead felt small nips to his Adam's apple.

He bucked against the other man, needing to press against him. His body striving to melt into that heat. His mind reeling at the urges that regaled his body unexpectedly. He didn't understand it? Any of it.

He almost wanted to sob as his body writhed against his benefactor's, striving for some sort of completion. If only so that it could be over and he could then convince himself that the Devil had coerced him in some way.

"You're thinking too much, Detective" the Devil murmured before abandoning Ezekiel's throat to capture his lips in a searing kiss.

Zeke broke away stumbling against the counter, panting as he stared hard at the other man. The Devil stood gazing back at him, stance relaxed letting Ezekiel know that he had only been released from the embrace because the Devil had _allowed_ it.  The thought of that hidden strength caused a delicious shiver to go down Ezekiel's spine, adding to his confusion.

"What do you think you're doing?"  Ezekiel asked, watching the other man warily.

"Oh Detective Stone, that's right, put the blame on me. I didn't hear you saying 'no' Ezekiel," the Devil added, not bothering to hide his amusement at the other man's discomfort.

Ezekiel shook his head, trying to clear the fog from his mind. There was something about the way the Devil said his name that caused him to sway slightly towards the other man despite his best intentions.

He moved back against the counter as the Devil took a few steps in his direction, a lewd smile on his face.

"Okay let me rephrase that" Ezekiel began, trying to keep his tone flippant, trying to return things to normal "what is that you want?"

Ezekiel blinked when suddenly the Devil was directly before him, hot breath brushing against his lower jaw. Their bodies did not touch and yet he felt as if he were surrounded by the other man.

"Isn't it obvious Ezekiel? I want * you*" the Devil stated, smiling up into the Detective's face. *I have wanted you since you entered my dominion 15 years ago.* he added to himself, knowing he would never admit as much to the demon hunter.

Ezekiel stilled as Satan lifted a finger to trace lightly over his jaw.
"And I know you want me too, Ezekiel. You're response to me earlier was your own with no coercion on my part. Admit it to yourself Ezekiel, you are mine for the taking"

Any response Ezekiel may have made to the possessive statement was cut off by the lips that suddenly pressed against his own, robbing the breath from his mouth.

Lucky for him he didn't really need to breathe.

He was pressed into the counter by the other man's body against his. Hips rocked gently against his and the last of his resistance faded at the realization that Satan was being gentle with him, despite the other man's words and his ability to use the unfathomable strength which he possessed.

Ezekiel submitted to the demands of the other man's mouth, kissing back wholeheartedly. He dared to tease, keeping his mouth closed against the tongue pressing insistently at the part between his lips.

"Please..." Ezekiel shivered at what sounded like a plea being spoken by his companion. He hesitated for a moment more but it was not in him to be cruel and this he parted his lips willingly, drowning in sensation as his companion's tongue swept into his mouth to duel with his own.

Ezekiel's mouth was released and he was able to pant for breath even as he felt his clothing being removed from his body.   He heard the soft sigh that accompanied the removal of his shirt and it caused his breath to quicken once again. After that it was a blur, the next thing he knew he stood bare before his companion, feeling the hungry gaze travel over his body.

His own eyes rested on the lithe form of his companion, marveling in the strange beauty of the other man. He looked down in surprise as his hand was taken in a gentle grip and he was walked over to the bed and invited silently to lay down with his companion.

His emotions were part fear, part excitement as his companion rocked against him again. He couldn't be certain but he felt as if soft kisses were pressed against every single tattoo that adorned his body. He was left practically incoherent, writhing in pleasure by the time he felt the stillness of his bedmate.

"Ezekiel, look at me" the words were spoken against the backdrop of the droning of the TV.

Ezekiel, opened his eyes, not remembering having closed them, and looked directly into the eyes of his companion.

"I want to be inside of you, Ezekiel," it wasn't really a question but it left the door open for Ezekiel to refuse, should he choose to.

He did not choose to do so, instead lifting his hips in invitation and smiling as the other man moaned in pleasure.

He laughed wryly as he saw the other man uncap the tube of toothpaste that he still held, and coat his fingers with it. The laugh died in his throat as he felt the brush of fingers against his cleft.

"Turn over"

Ezekiel responded to the soft request as it was spoken against his lips. A hand on his hip stopped him before he could complete the turn to rest on his stomach. He rested on his side gasping as he felt the insistent finger slip between his cheeks to press against the opening to his body.

He shifted back so that the finger entered him and he sighed in pleasure. It had been so long since he had done this. Since before he was married.   A second finger was added and then a third, a pause after each change to allow for his body to adjust.  He was soon writhing against the fingers impaling him, body asking for more. He couldn't help the soft groan of disappointment as the fingers left his body.

The disappointment did not last long.

He could hear shifting behind him as the Devil lubricated his penis and then he felt as that hard length entered his body. The sensation was indescribable. Knowing that his body surrounded the other man in this way, heightened his pleasure.  It didn't take long for the Devil to move against him as he strove for fulfillment.

Ezekiel pushed back against the thrusts reveling in the feeling of power. His body surrounded the other man and he knew that at this moment, he alone could bring the other man to culmination.

It was his body that drove his bed mate wild. He that was responsible for the helpless sounds the other man made as he thrust against him and it was his body that would demand it all from his bedmate and be there to receive his seed once the demand had been obeyed.

A tightening of the hand that had gripped his cock in the interim, and the brush of the other man's cock against his prostate interrupted Ezekiel's ruminations. It only took one more thrust before his body was clenching around the other man's cock his own sperm spilling from his body even as he was filled from within by the other man's seed.

He opened his mouth to speak to the man behind him but realized he had nothing to say. No words were necessary, the physical contact between them enough for now.  He was drawn back against the lithe body behind him, arms coming about him in an embrace. He snuggled down, not noting the irony of feeling so safe and comforted in the arms the Devil.
His last thought before he went to sleep was that he had never gotten to see what the show Ellen was about after all.

--The End--

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