Hey all.  This is kind of a sequel to Devil's Due, but you don't have to have
             read it to get this one.  Consider this pre-slash

             Disclaimers:  Brimstone is not mine, and its owners are people at WB/Fox or
             something. I'm
             not making any money off of this, and noone else should either.  This story
             contains violence
             and deals with religious subject matters as well as sex, so please do not
             read if these may
             disturb you.

             Enjoy, let me know what you guys think!

     The Devil's Own
by Tiger Lady
             maximin: (n) the maxima of a group of minima

                     Max leaned her chin into her left hand as she stared at 
             the laptop in front of her, using the mouse to scroll through the 
             list of hits.  God, this job could be boring sometimes.  The 'net 
             was definitely a great invention, but it still didn't make 
             searching newspaper articles any more enjoyable.  But Zeke Stone 
             had asked for her help, and now there didn't seem to be any 
             graceful way out of being his defacto research assistant.  She 
             puffed her lips out and blew at her short brown bangs.
                     A slight draft of warm air was all the warning she had of 
             the presence.
                     "So, have you fucked him yet?"
                     She didn't bother to look up, although the nature of the 
             question surprised her somewhat.  Wonder what Stone had done to 
             bring about this line of questioning.
                     "Heya, boss, good to see you, too."  The sarcasm was hers 
             by nature, and the brash accent came as easily as if she had been 
             born with it.
                     "Don't play coy with me, Maximin.  You know you don't want 
             to taste my anger."
                     Shit, the big dude was serious.  His usual teasing was 
             replaced by a flatness that warned her to be careful.  She 
             abandoned her laptop and focused on appeasing her boss.
                     "No, I haven't fucked him.  Yet."  She couldn't help 
             slipping in the last.  There were some logistics involved in 
             getting into Stone's bed, and she hadn't quite worked them all 
             out.  That didn't mean she had given up.  She wasn't sure why her 
             boss was so interested, though.  He usually gave her free reign to 
             do her job as she pleased.  Besides, Lucien could have her anytime 
             he wanted, and he wasn't the type to show jealousy.  Yet he 
             actually looked relieved when she answered in the negative.
                     "He certainly seems to have you tied around his little 
             finger, my dear little Max."  He gestured to the computer.  
             "You're all but doing his job for him.  I don't remember that 
             being part of the task I assigned you."
                     Yep, the big dude was definitely pissed about something.  
             His eyes were a swirling, inky black, barely holding on to their 
             human resemblance.
                     "Hey, you wanted me to keep an eye on him, chat him up.  
             Can I help it if he needs a reason to keep talking to me?  'Sides, 
             I thought you wanted those souls returned as soon as possible.  
             You're hardly helping."
                     He chuckled lightly, and stroked her face.
                     "You always are the cheeky one, Maximin."
                     "Hey, its why you keep me around, right boss?"
                     Her non-existent gut unclenched some.  A little of the 
             usual teasing tone had returned, which meant he wasn't really 
             pissed at her.  But being the devil's secretary was definitely a 
             double-edged sword.  She needed to root out what was really behind 
             this mood, but as slickly as she could.  She suspected it had 
             something to do with her current assignment, or he would have just 
             taken it out on some deserving soul back home.
                     She slid off her stool and melted up against his dark 
             form.  This was a tried and true routine, older than the falling.
                     "So, why ask me, boss.  Just take a peek into Stone's 
             head, he can't keep any secrets from you."  She had her arms 
             around his neck, and was playing with his ear.  Maybe she could 
             get a little more than information out of this.
                     "I have noticed a couple fantasies involving me rattling 
             around in his brain.  You want me to act them out, boss?"
                     Suddenly she was tossed against the wall, hard, with both 
             wrists pinned above her head.  Lucien stood a few feet away, but 
             she could feel his fire throughout her soul.  Oops.  Wrong 
                     "Listen to me very carefully, Maximin.  You are not to lay 
             a hand or any other body part on Ezekial Stone."
                     Lucien's eyes were no longer human.  Suddenly the truth 
             dawned.  He wasn't being possessive of her.
                     "Or what, boss," she gasped out.  She wanted to confirm 
             her theory more than she feared his retribution.
                     He stepped up to her then, and stripped her naked with a 
             thought.  He took a layer of skin along with her clothes.
                     "Or I will give you to Belial for his very own, to do with 
             as he pleases."
                     She moaned.  The pronouncement was far more painful than 
             anything her pitiful flesh could experience.  She had been with 
             Lucien since the beginning.  She didn't know which part would be 
             worse - being away from him, or being subject to Belial's every 
             whim.  The mad demon was the most fearsome in hell.  Tears slid 
             down her face, and she struggled to make her body respond to her 
                     "Please, Lucien, I'll behave, I'll do whatever you say, 
             please, please..." To her shame she couldn't get anymore out.  She 
             opened to him fully, letting him read the sincerity of her fear.
                     She hit the floor then, not even sure when he had let her 
             go.  She was still naked, and anyone who came to the desk would 
             see her.  She didn't care though, and let the tears stream down 
             her face.  Lucien was gone, but he had believed her.  Her skin was 
             whole once again.
                     Zeke Stone was definitely a pain in her ass.  One thing 
             was sure, however.  She was going to do everything she could to 
             make sure he stayed safe, and celibate.  Lucien would have to 
             handle the rest himself.  


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