Rating: , NC-17 for slashiness, sex, and power trippery
             Summary:  The boys work through some power issues.
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             Author's Note:  Written for the "As I sucked his cock..." challenge on
             another list. Not betaed.


             by The Spike

             As I suck his cock, the wind begins to howl.  Rain beats down and
             something flaps once against the window glass.  He tastes like ashes and
             like stone.  And a faint essence of something unearthly sweet.  I guess
             even the flesh of fallen angels is divine.

             And Lord God Jesus he is hot.  Not hot like heated flesh, but hot like a
             poker brand on my tongue.  Hot as iron in a fire.  He sets my mouth
             aflame.   I open my lips, let flames escape to lick at his hard, flat
             belly, his bony hips.  Hipbones sharp as blades under taut skin; red as
             brick ovens, red as welling blood...

             He gasps, his hips buck under my hands, losing it to me now.  Losing his
             control, his human form.  Horns sprouting, each like a child's tooth
             breaking through the gum.  I can feel talons spring from his long thin
             fingers, scoring my scalp as he cards them through my hair.  I hear a
             sound like the weighty flap and rustle of canvas sails  -- of wings
             unfurled in too small a space.  And:

             "Zeke...." he hisses.  "Look at me.  Look at what you're doing."

             He has won, he thinks.  He has me body and soul complete -- seduced,
             debased, brought to my knees before him by my own weakness.  By my
             need.  The victory is important to him, I know and so I look, raise my
             eyes up to meet his triumphant gaze, my lips still stretched around the
             solid, searing flesh that spears me ... and I smile.

             See, I always knew that this was him.  I never fooled myself.  Did he
             think I wanted any less than this complete unveiling?  I never did.  And
             seeing triumph in *my* eyes now, knowing who it is that mastered whom,
             he can hold back no more:  he comes and coming lets go the iron shackles
             on his cruel and blackened tongue.

             And calls the name of God.



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