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             Acts 1/1
             by LadySerez and LadyRhian

             Stone expelled a breath, and grabbed the book of instructions. God, just what
             *had* he gotten himself into this time? Incubus... oh God.

             The pages were bent from where they'd made contact with the walls. He
             carefully smoothed them, trying to remain calm. From either side of his
             bedroom, he could hear the inhabitants of the other apartments making love.
             They'd started just after the Devil had left him, and he could have sworn they
             hadn't let up since.

             His erection hadn't let up either. He could feel it, pressed into the too-soft
             mattress, a silent reminder of the kiss he'd shared with his Master, Satan.
             Any hope it would go down on its own was long past, and he was hoping the book
             might have an answer.

             "Lesson Two. There's more?" Stone quickly flipped thorugh the pages. "Hm.
             Lessee... they teach this to incubus? This is written in fourth grade

             He scanned through the pages at a breakneck pace prodded on by the pleasure-
             that-was-almost- pain feeling of his rock-hard cock pressed between the
             mattress and his body.

             "Does this book has anything on how to make an incubus' penis go down? No
             index. Whoever wrote this should be shot.." Stone thumbed through the book
             carefully, until he finally found the answer in page 234, next to a picture of
             an anxious-looking Chihuahua.

             "It goes down after the victim is seduced...? That's not going to help me. I
             have no intention of touching *him* again."

             He looked down at the picture on the next page. It showed a male incubus
             entwined with another man, and the incubus looked remarkably like himself. He
             glanced at the victim and shook his head. It almost looked like... damn! He
             must have put that picture into the book on purpose!

             The angel watching all this sniggered. This was more fun than watching the
             secretaries from Hell scare the ones from Heaven, and spraying graffiti on the
             gates of Heaven. Whatever it was that God was working on, it must be
             working... he'd never seen a more nervous incubus before. Or a smart incubus
             for that matter. 

             He got up from the bed. After a day and a half of waiting in his room, he felt
             only half-alive. Maybe a hot shower would loosen him up, let him think more

             The hot shower felt good, scouring his body clean. In it, he could almost
             forget everything that had happened to him this week. All except for that
             little reminder that wasn't going away. He tried to ignore it, but it was hard
             to ignore. And with the lovemaking chorus sounding on both sides of him, he'd
             never been more aware of his penis than right this minute.

             Oh yes. His eyes widened as he considered the implications. The bouncing bed
             chorus had started shortly after the Devil had left... which meant that
             somehow he was causing all this enthusiam for sex.

             Feeling better in body, if not necessarily in mind, he shut off the shower and
             grabbed one of the mostly-threadbare towels that had come with the apartment.

             The feel of the worn cloth on his skin was strangely pleasureable, and he
             groaned as the tip of his cock rubbed against the towel. Unable to stop
             himself, he stroked himself with his hand, closing his eyes at the ecstacy it

             Fifteen long years in Hell and he'd almost forgotten the pleasure of touching
             himself like this. The smooth, slick flesh of his palm and the hot ache in his
             groin blending to a sweet pleasure as he stroked himself roughly.

             The smell of hot male flesh rose from his cock as he stroked himself,
             fingertips grazing the more sensitive underside, touching all the right places
             that no woman had ever found. A hot pool of warmth gathered in his groin,
             weakening his knees, but adding to the secret erotic pleasure of the act.

             He glanced over to see his image doubled in the mirror, and watched himself,
             finding pleasure in the sight. A long moan found its way past his lips as his
             fingers rubbed harder.

             He wanted to stop, but couldn't. His hand seemed to have a will of its own as
             he continued to pleasure himself, his thumb rubbing over the tip of his
             swollen cock.

             He rocked his hips slightly, lost in the feel of his own pleasure. He moaned
             louder as he stroked faster and faster, trying to keep up with his rising
             desire. On either side of him, he could hear the couples moaning along with
             him, as if his pleasure added to their own.

             The Devil watched from the dark corner, grinning. He'd been furious at Alicia
             for starting this whole mess off, but now... Now he was grateful. As the
             sexual sounds hit a crescendo, he decided to let Stone cool off before letting
             him know his Lord and Master was here...

             Faster and harder he stroked, driving himself higher and higher. Then,
             abruptly, he felt his body let go, painting the walls with vivid slashes of
             cum. He slowly sank to his knees on the cold tile floor as the pleasure
             flooded through him, made all the greater by fifteen years without.

             At least, that's what he told himself it was. He didn't want to think the book
             was right, that sex was better for him as an incubus, that he would be even
             more strongly aroused by things that had only mildly titilated him before.

             God, he thought. It'll be like being 18 all over again.

             "Oh, that felt good."

             He was aroused from his half stupor by the sound of clapping. "Yoo hoo, Stone.
             Enjoying your jack-off?" The Devil grinned at Stone. This was his revenge for
             the kiss Stone'd given him.

             "What do *you* want?" Irritation gave his voice a sharper tone than usual.

             "Oh, just... enjoying the show. So much more real than those ones on Broadway.
             I do so love to see a man enjoy himself. Did you have fun, Stone?" The Devil
             sauntered out of his corner, grinning all the while.

             The couples had finally stopped playing musical beds and now were quiet. The
             sudden silence was deafening. Stone got to his feet and wrapped one of the
             towels around himself, following the Devil out into the apartment.

             "Especially *that* way." The Devil picked up the how-to manual from the bed
             and flipped through it. "Find anything interesting?"

             "Maybe." Stone walked up behind the Devil and stroked his hand through the
             other man's hair. "What about you?" he asked, playing with the dark strands.
             "Did you enjoy your kiss?" He tried not to think about what he was doing. He
             didn't want to find himself in the same predicament as before.

             He knew that the Devil would not like being played with. But needed some
             breathing room, and the only way he was going to get it was by playing tit for

             "Oh, I enjoyed it. But d'you know what I didn't enjoy?" The other man twisted
             in Stone's arms and was suddenly holding a hank of Stone's hair in his hand.
             "The fact that you used your incubus powers on me..."

             "To play games with me and my little demon." Lucifer smiled savagely.

             "Was it that? Or was it knowing I could get to you?" Stone loomed over the
             Devil. Considering he was taller, he loomed very well. "You can't defend
             yourself against me, can you?"

             The rage in the Devil's eyes was the only proof that his taunt had sunk home.
             Stone continued playing with the Devil's hair.

             "You little... I own you. Do you hear me, Ezekiel? I own you, body and soul."
             Hissing with anger, he yanked Stone's head back. Dropping his head to the long
             throat, he bit it hard, hard enough to make it bleed.

             Zeke waited until he had finished, keeping his body loose. When the Devil let
             up, he spun the smaller man around, pinning him to the bed, one leg across the
             Devil's legs to hold the other man immobilized.

             "You may own me now," Zeke whispered, his breath stirring the hair by the
             Devil's ear. "But not forever." He stroked his hand down the other man's body,
             using just enough compulsion to make it impossible for him to resist

             Struggling against the compulsion, the Devil raged. He was going to *hurt*
             this one's father when he got home. Grabbing Stone's leg, he pushed it off.
             *if anyone ever knew the Prince of Hell could be horny...*

             Stone leaned in further on the Devil. Satan could feel Stone's erect cock
             pressing against his ass, the smell of a warm male body all around him. He
             could feel the rage building in him, but he was unable to let it out. Stone's
             power lapped at the edges of his will, swamping him like a warm sea.

             Lucifier was tempted to give in to that warm sea, but the rage building in him
             wouldn't let him. 

             The voyeur angel, making sure the pair couldn't see him, fairly danced with
             glee. This was fun! Much more than chasing around after Margot. 

             It was impossible to resist. *He* was impossible to resist. Like God had been,
             all those millennia ago. It would be so easy for Stone to reach out again, to
             take hold of him, take control of him. How he seethed to remember that moment.
             The hot surge of lust that had gripped him, the rage at being unable to stop.

             His body trembled, caught between rage and lust. Stone's lips brushed the
             Devil's ear as he spoke, so softly it could have been the smaller man's
             imagination. "You want this, don't you?"

             A hiss was his only answer, but Zeke could feel the tension in the Devil's
             body, and somehow he knew that at least part of what the other man felt was
             lust. Stone felt the rise of anger in the Devil. The rage that ate away at
             him. It burned his hand, and he instinctly drew back. 

             He reached out with his powers almost instinctively to protect himself. The
             heady warmth surrounded him like a nimbus. "Go. And don't come back until

             you've calmed down."

             "YOU! You... I'll go. But when I come back, you are in for it." The hissed
             promise came from the Devil.

             Stone waited until the Devil was gone before slumping across the bed. "Aren't
             I always?" he said to the room. Thankfully, it didn't answer.

             The End

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