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Pairing:The Devil/Zeke Stone
Rating: PG-13
Warnings & Spoilers: Deals with religious subjects.

Ok, Brimstone and the characters are owned by Fox, I think. Anyway, it's not me.

Devil's Due

by Tiger Lady

Detective Zeke Stone slowly let his breath out, trying to be as quiet as possible. He was lightly gripping the lid of the trunk, holding it to the point where no light leaked through the cracks. This could get old real fast. The worst thing about his new "job" was that he wound up running from the good guys as often as the bad guys. It galled him to no end that he could no longer work with his brothers in arms. One wrong move would land him in jail or the loony bin. He smiled wryly to himself. Either one was better than hell. For that matter, the trunk of a compact car would be better than hell. A hell of a lot better.

Footsteps approached his position, and he again slowed his breathing. He'd gotten himself in a fine pickle today, but he really wasn't worried. He avoided the police for their own good rather than his - doomed to hell or not, he preferred to hurt as few people as possible during his hunts. As the footsteps receded, he allowed himself to stretch out in the roomy trunk space. He had been lucky to spot the slightly dented luxury car in his race through the parking garage. The trunk had popped open easily enough, and now he had a fairly comfortable spot to wait out the police search

Suddenly, he felt a shiver up his spine. He turned his head and nearly let the trunk pop open in his surprise.


"Bzz, wrong direction. Care to guess again?"

Stone closed his eyes to the otherworldly glow before him, reigning in his fear and anger before daring to open them again.

"What are you doing here?" he hissed, still trying to listen for footsteps outside.

"Oh, just thought I'd pay you a little visit. Honestly, Ezekial, I really don't think you'll find your prey in here." The voice was sarcastically sweet as usual, with that touch of open friendliness that made Zeke's skin crawl. And he was making no effort to keep quiet.

"Ha ha. Would you please keep it down! Or are you trying to get me caught?"

"Don't you trust me?"

Zeke couldn't stop himself from rolling his eyes at the pouting face.

Lucien grinned and patted his arm.

"Of course you don't. What a smart boy you are. Fine, I'll give you a hint. I'm not really here."

There was no other way to say it. The look in his eyes was devilish. Stone closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose with his free hand. Always games and riddles to play.

"So you're saying they can't hear you." He kept his own voice low. He wasn't stupid enough to relax because the devil told him to.

"Very good! You're constantly reminding me of why I chose you for my hound. Smart as well as good looking." Lucien's eyes traveled up and down Stone's body as he grinned lustily.

Zeke squinted as he considered this new turn of events. Was he serious or just trying to get his goat?

"Goat? That's a good one, Ezekial. I was getting rather bored with all of the other cliches you've been using in that pretty little head of yours." Lucien was still looking him up and down, and had started playing with the buttons on Stone's shirt.

Goat? Oh, right, classic symbol of Satan. Another thought occurred to him, and he grabbed the playful hand to get Lucien's attention.

"You read my mind?"

"Mmm. Aren't we a forward one. No respect at all for your master."

Stone realized then that he had grabbed the devil's wrist as casually as he would handle an annoying perp. Not exactly the smartest move, but then again he was getting sick of these stupid games. Lucien was still grinning at him like he was a favored puppy.

" I think I like it."

Zeke blinked, then let go of Lucien. The devil was actually flirting with him, and he hadn't felt this confused since he first woke up in hell.

Lucien rolled over onto his back and put his hands behind his head. He didn't seem cramped for space at all.

"Of course I can read your mind. You should really have more faith in my power, Ezekial. You're playing with fire and don't even know it."

Suddenly Lucien rolled back over toward Zeke, all playfulness gone from him. Just as suddenly, his clothes were gone, and Lucien was tracing one of the tattoos.

"What are you doing," he ground out through his teeth.

"Come now, haven't you ever heard of giving the devil his due? Believe me, you're due."

Lucien bent over and started tonguing the same tattoo. With the first touch, Zeke's body flamed with a desire he had never dreamed of, a desire so strong it was painful. At the same time his mind was screaming with rage and confusion. Lucien must be using his power to do this to him. All the while, warm hands slid up and down his skin, increasing the fire in his groin.

"Is this part of your sense of irony? Rape the killer of rapists? I'm not impressed, you know. I was in your realm for fifteen years, remember." Zeke made himself spit out the words, and tried to make his body believe them. He ached for release, ached for those warm hands on his cock. But he knew it was just another one of Lucien's mind games.

Strangely, it made the devil pull away from him. Zeke opened his eyes to see yet another pout appear on the long face.

"What's wrong, Ezekial, don't you like this form? Maybe this will do it for you." Stone's eyes took a moment to adjust to the sudden change in front of him. Lucien was now a longhaired, voluptuous woman. A beauty. She reached out to him again, laying a dainty hand on the soft flesh of his inner thigh.

"Just get on with it, then. I know I can't fight you, so just do it." Zeke was still painfully aroused, but his mind was clearer for some reason. Maybe it was the obvious display of satanic powers that brought him back to his senses.

"Fine. Be that way if you want, Ezekial." Stone realized he was clothed again, and Lucien was his usual self. He couldn't believe he was going to escape this easily.

Lucien leaned over him, bring his face a breath away from Zeke's.

"Just remember, you're mine." He hissed the words into Zeke's face, the hot breath raising goosebumps all over his body. Lucien then pulled Zeke's collar aside, and bit his neck, hard.

And just like that, Zeke was alone. He felt the aching bite with his free hand, expecting blood. There was none, of course, he was dead after all. As his wits returned to him, he realized that the garage was silent. He released his grip on the trunk, stretching his cramping hand. It was probably safe to go now.

Zeke laid his hands on his chest, letting his body relax further. Maybe he'd just stay here a little longer. What the devil was Lucien up to now?

Zeke rolled his eyes at himself. One thing was certain. He was going to have to get over using those Goddamned curses.

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