What can I say? I loved the 1/8 ep and this is the result. Its kinda streams of conciousness Its Devil's thoughts about Ezekiel's admonition to have some fun.

rated G?

Disclaimer: Brimstone and its characters belong to FOX. I'm just borrowing them for a bit. They will be returned relatively unharmed. :)

Are We Having Fun Yet?

by Summer Rain

Oh, Ezekiel. You want me to have fun, do you?

I can think of one way and though you deny it even to yourself I think you know what that is.

Pointing out the group playing volleyball was a slick move. But I think we both know it wasn't enough to distract me. None of them are as beautiful as you are, Ezekiel. None of them have that special something that you have.

I wonder if you can truly appreciate how wonderful it is to have someone to laugh with again. True, sometimes it is at your expense. But it doesn't stop you from trying to get me to loosen up just the same. You don't have that quaking fear of me, that most others seem to have or the reverence that some do either.

It's not a total acceptance, but as much as you can, you accept me for me.

Horns and all.

If you could hear my thoughts, Ezekiel, I wonder what you would think of them. It's probably hard for you to believe that the Devil can get just as mushy as the next guy.

Oh, I don't blame you. I think most people don't really understand me. I mean, this is my job and I do take enjoyment in what I do. But sometimes... well sometimes I just wish I could escape. Not necessarily go anywhere but just spend some time alone without the demands of keeping Hell running.

It can be lonely at times, though that's hard for a lot of people to believe.

There's no lack of companionship in Hell. Hell is full of social climbers and unscrupulous people all wanting to do it with the boss man. They're okay if all you want is a quick tumble in the hay, so to speak, but that's about it.

But what Hell doesn't have, what it is in short supply of, is people that can be trusted. Anyway, you can't really blame 'em. They are demons after all.

Ah, but you, Ezekiel. You are different. You have your own sense of honor.

Your own sense of justice. It's what landed you with me in the first place. Your need to avenge your wife and yourself, because make no mistake, you were both victims of the crime. So, he got off and you went after him and the rest, as they say, is history.

You're a fighter, Ezekiel, its what I like about you. You are even willing to fight me in your own way every time we have one of our little discussions.

You've even scored a few direct hits without even trying.

Take Ash for instance. I was there you know. Watching as you two were groping each other in the car. I can admit it now; it hurt to see that. She was doing what I wish I could do.

You don't know how shocked I was to find out that you thought I had been in love with her. I let my momentary silence confirm your supposition. But you were so wrong, 'Zeke'. I never loved her, we just used each other. I knew all along she couldn't be trusted and I had no illusions about that. But anything we had was over a long time before you came into my existence.

No, my silence wasn't because you had guessed correctly. My silence was from shock that you could think I would love her. Why would I care about her when you're there? You're brave, trustworthy and you have honor. And, if anyone asked, you would probably deny you had all those qualities.

That's another thing I like about you, Stone, you have no idea what you are.

I do. I know very well.

You want me to have fun.

Fun would be if I could actually hold you when you lie in bed in the midst of sleep that you don't really need.

The other day when you woke up with me next to you and your eyes widened in surprise. You would have been even more surprised to know how close I came to taking you then and there when I leaned over you.

But again you stopped me. Not with deeds since you didn't know what it was I was thinking. But just by being yourself. I could coerce you into accepting me, Stone. But I don't want a lover by coercion. I want you to come to me willingly. I know it will take time and I can wait.

I have all of forever after all.

--The End--

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