This is an answer to the Cupid Challenge on the Hercfic list. The rules: The story should be 500-750 words long and feature Cupid and a tub.
H/I, m/m, NC-17

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Thanks!...I Think
                    By Summer Rain  

Cupid stood watching in fascination at the scene that was being played out before him. He couldn't hold back the gasp and then the chuckle which escaped his lips.

*Wow, I knew Iolaus was limber but I didn't think he was that limber, and how the heck did he have the room to do that in that small tub?* Cupid thought to himself.

He jumped slightly as he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. He turned to see Aphrodite standing behind him.

She was about to ask him something when she was distracted by the moaning coming through the open doorway that Cupid had been peeking inside of.

She stepped around Cupid to look through the doorway. She watched in fascination as Hercules' moans became louder and louder and his moves more frantic. She chuckled when what almost sounded like a shriek emanated from the room.

Cupid stepped forward and looked through to see Hercules, head turned upward and lips fused with Iolaus'. Iolaus sat in his lap, impaled on Hercules' erection. He was rocking back and forth slightly. Each move sent shivers through both their bodies.

Hercules had been reduced to grunts and Iolaus was silent, eyes closed. Hercules broke the kiss and brought his head down to nuzzle at Iolaus neck, the sensations finally evoking a sound from Iolaus.

Iolaus gasped and threw his head back as Hercules lay claim to yet one more part of his body. He began to writhe in Hercules' lap until Hercules grabbed him by the hips to control his movements.

Aphrodite and Cupid turned to each other eyes widening as they heard one more noise coming from the room. This noise was different than the rest. It sounded like... yes it was. Hercules had just told Iolaus he loved him.

At the words Iolaus gave a shot and came, his seed spilling into the space between his body and Hercules', he slumped forward against Hercules' chest.

Hercules thrust once more into that heat and the tightness that enveloped his erection and he came with Iolaus' name on his lips. He let his head fall back, reveling in the feel of Iolaus body pressed against him. He grimaced as he realized the water had turned cold in the tub and lifted Iolaus off of his softening erection and stood up practically lifting Iolaus out of the tub.

Hercules steered Iolaus to the place they had set up in front of the fire where they lay down and covered themselves from the cold, the heat from the fire working to wash away the chill of the cold water. Hercules sighed as Iolaus settled slightly above him and he rested his head on Iolaus' shoulder, feeling safe and contented in his friend's arms.

He thought Iolaus had drifted to sleep but he was wrong. Just before his own eyes closed, he heard Iolaus whisper to him the words he longed to hear.

"I love you too Hercules"

Aphrodite turned to Cupid smiling when Iolaus finally said the words. "Thanks, it's about time those two got together" she said, her tone of voice congratulatory.

"Thanks...I think. Why are you thanking me anyway?" he asked, perplexed.

"Didn't you shoot them with the..." she trailed off at the confused look on his face.

They turned back around to gaze at the lovers wrapped in each others arms.

"Ah well, its true love. It would have happened eventually, with or without our help" she said smiling as she closed the door.

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