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This story is a missing scene for the episode "If I Had a Hammer..."

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by Summer Rain

Hercules was tired. He was bone weary and just mentally exhausted. It seemed every time he met up with Salmoneus, he suffered through one misadventure after another. It wasn't anything Salmoneus had done, it was just how things worked out.

He thought back to the events that had transpired. It was ironic really. There had been times in the past where he had wished that there were two of him but when the moment came it was a far cry from what he would have hoped. The statue that Atlanta had made and Hephaestus brought to the life had not been anything like what he would have chosen his double to be like. His double had been like a child, not knowing how to control his anger. And for someone who possessed the strength of Hercules, that was a very dangerous thing indeed.

What was sad was that his double was not evil, and had it not been for Discord stirring up trouble he would have learned over time how to function in society, much as a child learns. He might even have been able to help Hercules in his quest to help what mortals he could. But it wasn't meant to be.

It was back to just one Hercules. One very tired Hercules.


Iolaus sighed as he sat in the tavern. He hoped Hercules would get here soon. The town was sadly lacking in any interesting activities. Just about the only thing to do was sit in the inn all day and watch the people who all sat there watching each other.

He set his mug down on the table and stood. He knew he was supposed to meet Hercules in the inn but he couldn't take it anymore. In any case, he knew the direction Hercules would be coming from so it was simply a matter of meeting up with him on the road and convincing him to detour and bypass the town altogether.

Iolaus traveled only five minutes when he came upon his friend. He tried to hide his dismay at how tired Hercules looked. His shoulders were hunched and his head was down, his gaze fixed on the ground in front of him. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he did not notice the man who had fell into step beside him, until about half a minute later.

When he did look down, it was to see the face of his best friend, brow wrinkled as he gazed up at him in concern.

Iolaus opened his mouth to speak but was cut off, as suddenly Hercules grabbed him in a fierce embrace. He was lifted off of the ground as the arms went around him. His only support coming from Hercules' embrace and his own arms as he just managed to bring his arms around Hercules' neck.

Iolaus was even more concerned now. Hercules was clinging to him and showed no signs of letting go.

Iolaus began to speak to Hercules in a soft voice at the same time that his hands moved to Hercules' back to run soothing circles over the demi-god's back. Iolaus brought his legs up to encircle Hercules' waist, and still the demi-god did not let go.

Finally, after a few minutes Iolaus felt Hercules shift and place his head on Iolaus shoulder so that he nuzzled at the place where shoulder met neck. He simply stayed like that, breathing in Iolaus' scent.

Iolaus sensing that Hercules was ready to understand him now, leaned in closer and began to run his fingers through Hercules' hair.

"Herc? Come on, you've got to put me down and tell me what's wrong" he spoke softly to Hercules, trying to soothe him still.

"No" Hercules said, and hugged Iolaus even tighter.

"Why not?" Iolaus asked, in the same soft tone.

"Because, I want to feel you against me. I've missed you" Hercules said.

"Oh..." Iolaus began, blushing. "I thought you were saying you wouldn't talk to me". He smiled ruefully at his own shyness. It had not been so long ago that he and Hercules had declared their love for one another and still the thought that Hercules could need him so, still surprised him.

Hercules just shook his head and said nothing more, continuing to hold Iolaus as close as possible against his body. The warmth of Iolaus body spreading into him. The bright existence of the Hunter was a balm on his soul.

"Hercules, you need to rest. There is an inn a few minutes from here. Let's go there," Iolaus said. He gasped as Hercules began to walk in the direction of the inn. He had thought Hercules would put him down, but that was not about to happen. Hercules wanted Iolaus as close to him as possible and this was the only way.

Iolaus had the urge to hide his face against Hercules throat as they came upon the inn. He didn't even try to convince Hercules to put him down, he just had to deal with being carried to the inn in this fashion.

Iolaus felt every gaze in the tavern settle upon them as they entered the inn. Hercules stopped then, not quite sure where to go but unwilling to release his friend.

"Second door on the left" the innkeeper supplied, recognizing the Hunter from earlier.

Hercules gave his thanks and took his friend to the room. The innkeeper and another worker trailed behind them, bringing some warm water to fill a tub that was in the room, and towels for them.

He left, closing the door behind him and after a long moment Hercules finally set Iolaus down, albeit reluctantly.

Iolaus looked at him for a moment before bringing his hand up to cup Hercules' face, smiling as Hercules leaned into the caress.

His hand traveled down from Hercules face and to his chest before slipping further down to the top of the pants. He pulled experimentally, to gauge Hercules' reaction, smiling in reaction to Hercules' own smile.

Hercules began to remove his clothing but stopped when Iolaus hands covered his to still them.

"I will take care of you, Hercules" Iolaus said, smiling up at his best friend and lover.

"You always do" Hercules said turning his hands palm up to squeeze Iolaus' before he let them drop to his side.

Iolaus disrobed him and helped him into the tub quickly so that the water would not cool.

He helped Hercules bathe, and felt the tension leave his friend little by little to be replaced by a new sweeter tension as Iolaus hands roamed Hercules' body.

Hercules opened his eyes, which had drifted closed under Iolaus ministrations when he felt Iolaus caresses turn more insistent. His cock tightened in response to the heat from Iolaus hand around it, he bucked instinctively as Iolaus hand moved slightly. It was not really a caress, more of a tease of one.

"Iolaus..." he said softly, gasping as Iolaus smiled at him, the electricity from the smile going straight to his cock. "Please..."

"Don't worry Hercules. I will take care of you" he repeated again, his tone just as soft as before.

Before Hercules could say anything further, Iolaus leaned down and took Hercules' cock in his mouth.

The velvety heat of Iolaus mouth caused Hercules to tense as he tried to control himself from plunging up into that heat. The water around him was cooling and it only served to emphasize the heat that centered on his groin.

All was lost when he felt Iolaus hand slip underneath him to slip a finger just inside the opening to his body. He shouted at the sensation and his cock pulsed, jettisoning his seed into his lover's mouth. Iolaus swallowed all that Hercules had to give before finally moving back and smiling at his friend and moving up to kiss Hercules. Letting him taste himself on Iolaus' lips.

Iolaus pulled him from the tub and dried him off before finally wrapping him in a blanket, pulling him down to the bed. He sighed as Iolaus shifted slightly, rearranging himself so that Hercules head rested on Iolaus' shoulder.

"Thank you" Hercules said sleepily, his eyes drifted closed as the warmth of his lover's body surrounded him.

Iolaus just smiled, as he felt Hercules grow heavy against him. This was his favorite time with his friend. Hercules took care of others so much that he often forgot to take care of himself as well.

Iolaus gladly took it upon himself to do this for his friend. After all, this was his love resting against him and he had done the same countless times for him.

He looked up as he heard a noise outside the door and looked to the floor noting the shadows that left quickly, as if someone were scurrying away.

He smiled again, this time in amusement. He knew that tonight in the inn there would be the tale of Hercules and Iolaus. He could only wish them luck for he was sure there was not one among them who could do justice to the love that existed between the Hunter and the demi-god.

The end

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