This takes place after Web... it's H/I, rated NC-17 and its a PWP, I'm not even gonna pretend that it has a plot , although if you find one let me know.

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November 1997©

Debt Repaid

by Summer Rain

Iolaus had to bite down on his lip to stop the laugh that threatened to burst forth. The look on Hercules' face was priceless. Hercules' look was feral and possessive as he laid a hand on Iolaus' arm to steer him away from the ship.

He looked back to the person that Hercules was staring at, he could not help the small smile on his face as his eyes met Nebula's, the corner of her mouth jerking up in a knowing grin before she turned back to stare at Hercules.

Hercules misinterpreted her glance to Iolaus and shuffled him away even faster, resisting the urge to just pick Iolaus up, sling him over his shoulder and rush him as far away from the pirate as he could. As it is he increased his pace, so that Iolaus almost had to run to keep up.

"Are we in a hurry?" Iolaus asked, fighting to keep the amusement out of his voice.

"No. I just want to get away from the ship." Hercules said, slowing down and breathing a little easier. He could relax now that they were a safe distance from the ship and Nebula couldn't get her hands on _his_ man. That brought him up short, and he looked down quickly to Iolaus as he realized that's exactly what had been bothering him this whole time.

The whole trip back had been filled with Iolaus and Nebula trading stories, flirting with one another. All the innuendoes and the looks that had passed between Iolaus and Nebula had worked on his nerves and he hadn't been able to figure out why.

Well now he knew, and he'd be damned if he was gonna let anyone else have Iolaus. _His_ Iolaus.

He looked over and spotted an inn and practically dragged Iolaus over, throwing some money on the counter and barely listening as the owner pointed out the available room.

Iolaus gave a token struggle as Hercules hauled him into the room, settling the bolt on the door.

"Okay Hercules, talk to me. Why have you dragged me through the streets of this village and why did you rent this room in the inn? Are you that tired, are you going to sleep already?" Iolaus asked, as inside he crowed *It finally worked, I finally rattled him enough so that he would do something!*

"To get you away. I wanted privacy. I'm not tired and the last thing I want to do is sleep" Hercules said, grinning as Iolaus blinked up at him in confusion before realizing that Hercules had just answered his questions.

"What then?" Iolaus asked, he was flustered for a moment at the serious look that erased the grin on Hercules' face.

Iolaus could not help the shiver as Hercules' expression shifted once again. He took a step back instinctively as Hercules stepped forward. This was not going totally as planned, Hercules looked like he wanted to eat him alive. A feral smile came over Hercules' face as he noted the shiver in Iolaus' frame. He stepped forward two steps to Iolaus' one step back and reached for Iolaus' grabbing two fistfuls of Iolaus' vest and hauling him forward and up so that Iolaus' feet left the ground and he was completely supported by Hercules' grip on him.

"Hercules!" Iolaus yelped as his feet left the ground, and his groin came in contact with Hercules'. His eyes widened as he felt that hardness press against him. If at all possible his eyes got even wider as Hercules thrust against him, and he felt himself harden in response to that thrust.

"Let us just get one thing straight here Iolaus. You. Are. Mine." Hercules said before he plundered Iolaus' mouth, his tongue demanded entrance and received it and he explored the moist cavern of Iolaus' mouth as Iolaus shivered against him, hands groping ineffectively against Hercules' chest.

He released Iolaus' mouth moving back only slightly.

"Iolaus, there is no one else from now on. Only me. We belong to and with one another, you got that?" Hercules said, smiling when a whimper was all that Iolaus seemed capable of. "Nod once for yes" he said, he licked at Iolaus' lips waiting just long enough for Iolaus to nod once before swooping in for another kiss. He finally set Iolaus down again and stepped back, stripping off his clothes, laughing as it took a moment for Iolaus to recover and realize he should disrobe as well.

Iolaus groaned as Hercules reached for him again, shoving him almost brutally back onto the bed. He could barely form coherent thoughts as Hercules licked and nipped his way down Iolaus' throat. All he could do was wonder when exactly he had lost control of the situation as he gave himself over to Hercules.

Iolaus arched up as Hercules latched onto his right nipple. Hercules' other hand stroked along Iolaus' thighs, brushing just close to, but not touching his erection. His cries grew louder as Hercules suckled at his chest. He had never known anything like this. He didn't know what to concentrate on, the mouth switching from one side to the other, the hand brushing against his thighs or the heat of Hercules' erection pressed against his side.


Iolaus, moaned incoherently for release not even realizing that he had spoken aloud until he felt Hercules' hand cover his erection suddenly and stroke him. His body arched up in surprise and his eyes fluttered closed as he arched up in a bow as his body spilled it's essence onto Hercules' hand after only a few strokes..

Iolaus crashed back to the bed, chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. His eyes popped open again as he felt slick fingers enter him slowly. He hissed a little at the unexpected intrusion, looking down to see Hercules looking up at him, his erection painfully hard. Iolaus' head fell back onto the bed, he wriggled slightly to encourage Hercules, the only movement he was capable of making at the moment

"Go ahead, Herc. Take what you want" he whispered. It was all the encouragement Hercules needed, as he leaned forward to nip lightly at Iolaus' thigh.

Hercules could hold back no longer and coated his own erection with Iolaus' essence, almost coming at that thought alone.

Iolaus braced himself against the bed as he felt Hercules enter him. He felt for a moment as if he were being split in two as his body got used to the sensation of being stretched to fullness. He had had male lovers before but it had been a long time ago. He tried to catch his breath as Hercules stilled to allow him time to adjust.

Hercules knew when he could move again. He was leaning over Iolaus close enough so that their chests were touching, but yet holding his weight off of the smaller man. He felt Iolaus begin to harden against him and felt as Iolaus shifted slightly to encourage him to move.

He thrust forward his own gasp echoing the one Iolaus made. He thrust forward into Iolaus, wanting to join in him, to become one with him. Iolaus' body gripped him tightly and despite trying to be somewhat gentle he felt himself begin to thrust harder in response to that tightness.

Iolaus reached down for his own cock which lay trapped lightly between their bodies only to have Hercules bat his hand away.

"No" Hercules said "I want you to feel only me. I want you to come from me being buried deep inside of you. Possessing you" he whispered huskily against Iolaus throat.

Iolaus could only whimper in response.

Hercules gathered the smaller form against him and sat back on his heels, causing them to groan in unison as his cock went even deeper inside Iolaus.

Iolaus felt as if he were going mad, his cock was trapped between them, rubbing against Hercules' torso each time Hercules thrust against him and Hercules was reaching so deep inside of him, deeper than anyone had ever been. He shouted as his body could hold on no longer and he spilled against Hercules chest and stomach and felt as Hercules released his seed inside of him before he collapsed against Hercules.

The next morning found Hercules eating his breakfast trying not to laugh aloud as Iolaus shifted against the hard bench trying to get comfortable. He was sore, yet he had a small satisfied smile on his face.

"Are you okay Iolaus? You seem a little restless." Hercules said.

This time he did laugh as Iolaus glared at him. "Want me to kiss it and make it better?" he added, huskily.

"No thanks, you've done enough. I'm just resting up to return the favor" he said sweetly. This time it was his turn to laugh as Hercules blushed slightly.

They finished their breakfast and walked away from the inn after paying. Outside they bumped into Nebula who laughed aloud as Hercules glared at her and stepped closer to Iolaus.

"Don't worry Hercules I don't want to steal your man" she said, as she turned to wink at Iolaus. "In any case, from the grin on his face and the way he is walking I don't think I have a chance" she finished.

Hercules glanced from one to the other as the realization grew that he had been set up.

Nebula laughed again as she saw understanding reach Hercules "I was just repaying a debt Hercules. You could have turned me in and you didn't, so this is my way of saying thanks" she said before nodding to them both and entering the inn. Hercules watched after her for a moment before turning back to glare at Iolaus.

"You tricked me" he said, quietly advancing on Iolaus.

"Uh Hercules, buddy calm down now. Ow" Iolaus said, yelping as Hercules' hand connected with his ass in light slap.

He looked up into Hercules' face seeing the mirth enter Hercules' eyes as he watched Iolaus rub at his sore behind.

"I love you" he said sweetly as he edged away.

Hercules let him edge away a few steps before he answered. "I love you too Iolaus..." he said, watching as Iolaus visibly relaxed. "...but that doesn't mean I'm going to let this go" he said, pouncing on Iolaus before he had time to react.

Iolaus hung on as Hercules plundered his mouth again.

"Aw, get a room"

The comment finally caused Hercules to release the panting Iolaus. He looked down at the flushed face of his friend before turning to the man who had been exiting the inn

"That is a great idea, I think I will" he said before grasping Iolaus around the waist and turning them to go back into the inn to take full advantage of the privacy of the room.

the end :-)

Summer Rain

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