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A Day In the Life

by Summer Rain 

        Hercules sat by the fire he had built, letting the flames warm him. The night was cool and he could see Iolaus shivering where he lay, his body curled up and back to the fire.

        Hercules sighed. It was his own fault he knew. Hadn't he been the one to say after all that they needed some distance between them. Well he was the one who wanted to bridge this particular distance. He wanted nothing more than to crawl over to where Iolaus lay and wrap himself around his friend's body.

        He ran his hand over his hair in frustration. His life was so screwed up. Son of a god. What did that get him? The only thing it got him was the knowledge that any one he ever let himself love would be in mortal danger. He couldn't live like other men as long as he had Hera watching him, waiting to take everything away from him.

        He was not sure of his own mortality but he knew this, if he were ever to lose Iolaus he would die as well. Even if he didn't die physically, his soul would be gone. What would be left for him to live for after all. Iolaus was his life.

        Hercules laughed bitterly to himself. Hera had won out anyway he realized and she didn't even have to do anything. He had driven Iolaus away all by himself. Oh, Iolaus was still there all right but Hercules knew it was only a matter of time before Iolaus would leave him. Would he be able to stand life without Iolaus? Which was better? Losing Iolaus' love and possibly his friendship? or risk Hera's wrath and love Iolaus like he so desperately wanted to?

        Hercules was startled from his thoughts by Iolaus voice. His head whipped around from where he had turned to watch the fire. Iolaus was sitting up, arms wrapped around his knees. The light from the fire causing shadows to form on his face as he looked at Hercules giving a sad smile.

        "What did you say?" Hercules asked.

        Iolaus stood and walked over to kneel down in front of his friend.

        "I said, a day in the life of Hercules. Always worrying. I know why you want to send me away but it won't work you know. I can no more stop loving you than you can stop loving me." Iolaus said reaching out to brush a hand over Hercules' face.

        "This is a love that I am willing to risk anything for" Iolaus said reaching forward to give Hercules a soft kiss.

        Hercules smiled as Iolaus gathered him into his arms. It had often been said that Hercules was the strongest man alive, but at that moment Hercules had no doubt as to which was the stronger of the two.

the end?

maybe, then again maybe not :-) 

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