Drabble 1

(Well it was supposed to be a drabble but I got kind of carried away)


He stared at the beautiful body before him. Atlanta wanted Hercules, if only she knew that Hercules was all his. And he definately was not one to share. He watched from the corner of his eye as one of the grapes from the bunch that Hercules held in front of his groin fell to the ground. Hercules had an embarassed, flustered look on his face. He was so adorable. Salmoneus licked his lips. He wanted nothing more than to eat some of the grapes at Hercules' groin until the bunch was gone and he could get to the real prize.

He smiled at the memory of the taste of the demigod. The saltiness of his seed would be a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of the grapes.

No matter, he would have his chance once the art contest was over. He looked up again and licked his lips, making sure this time that Hercules saw him.

A flush spread over the demigod's skin and then he smiled down at Salmoneus and let the bunch of grapes slip slightly as if by accident. Salmoneus shuddered at the memory of that which had almost been revealed, that which he wanted to taste so badly.

*All in good time Salmoneus. All in good time* he chided himself before turning back to the amateur artist.

And Hercules stood, the grapes in front of him praying for the end of the contest so that he could go and claim Salmoneus as his own prize.

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Drabble 2

Another drabble for those who ventured in ....

"I love you, you know" he said shakily as he tried to keep the emotions at bay.
"I know and I wish I could love you back, I really do. But we both know, my heart belongs to another." the other man said, his voice just as shaky.

They hugged one another, neither wanting to be the first to let go until finally they did, each sighing as they found their arms suddenly empty. .
Joxer stood silently, the only sound that of his heart breaking as he watched Salmoneus walk away from him and into Autolycus' waiting arms.

the end

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