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by Summer Rain

    He walked along, hearing the birds in the air. He saw a few children running around up the hill to his right. He breathed the spring air in deeply, feeling completely relaxed. Why should he not be? It was a beautiful day. Things were right in the world.
    He felt the presence at his side warming him like a small flame. His constant companion, his best friend. He smiled as Iolaus regaled him with the recounting of their last adventure. As usual he exaggerated Hercules' exploits. The two-headed monster became a three-headed monster and the 10-ft. tall man became 15 ft. tall in Iolaus' story.
    He turned to smile fondly down at his friend and tease him about his exaggerations. He looked down at his friend. The sun played in his friend's hair, making his hair glint like gold in the light. He had that crooked smile that was so open, his enthusiasm over their adventure still showing in his face. His breath caught as he looked at his friend. He felt a feeling growing inside of him that he could not identify, or rather that he did not want to identify. He squelched it down when he realized that Iolaus had stopped talking and was staring at him.

    Iolaus was about to ask Hercules what was wrong when Hercules turned away. He continued with his story, one part of his mind reeling at what had just happened. He had felt Hercules retreating within himself and had looked up to see an emotion fluttering across his face that looked strangely like....desire. It had brought him up short, making him forget whatever he had been talking about. Immediately Hercules' expression closed up and Iolaus figured he must have misinterpreted the expression.

    They traveled for the rest of the day as Iolaus continued with his stories but could tell that Hercules no longer paid attention. In fact he looked extremely tense.
    Finally he could take it no longer and put his hand on Hercules' arm to stop him from walking. Hercules' head whipped around at the touch and Iolaus saw the fleeting expression of longing on his face only to see it pushed away just as quickly as it had come.

    "Hercules we have to talk"

    "No" Hercules said turning around to continue their walk, he felt Iolaus' grip tighten on his arm and groaned inwardly.

    Iolaus' touch on his arm was causing strange feelings inside. Feelings that he would rather ignore, after all Iolaus' was his best friend. He didn't think Iolaus would want to know what was really bothering him, it would change everything. Iolaus' might leave him.

    "Let go of my arm"

    "Damnit, why can't you..." Iolaus broke off suddenly alarmed.

    They came out of nowhere apparently. There were two of them already with swords drawn. One of them was even bigger than Hercules. The bigger one laughed and demanded that they hand over their valuables if they wanted to live.
    Hercules and Iolaus looked down at the man's sword from the dried blood there and the evil laugh they could tell these men had not intention of letting them go.
    Iolaus screamed out and attacked the smaller man, trusting in Hercules to tackle the other robber. The two appeared to be adept with their swords. Iolaus could only hope that Hercules was having better luck than he was, he could feel himself losing the battle.

    Hercules fought desperately. He could feel his opponent beginning to lose ground but not quickly enough. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Iolaus stagger a bit after begin nicked with the sword, he had to get to him.
    He thrust out with the sword watching as his opponent fell, just to make sure the man could not get up.

    He turned to help Iolaus' just as the other man sunk the sword into Iolaus' chest. He howled in rage and ran forward watching dispassionately as the man crumbled before him after ran him through with the sword.

    He knelt down next to Iolaus and took him in his arms, cradling him to his chest. He felt the tears trickling down his face and looked up when he heard his name called to see Zeus standing before him.

    "Father..." he said desperately.

    Zeus shook his head already knowing what Hercules would ask.



    "He's my best friend"

    "Others have lost their friends also. Though it is sad, I can't replace everyone's friend for them" he said.

    "Please, I need him...I love him" he said desperately to Zeus surprised to see a smile form on Zeus' face.

    "It's about time you admitted it to yourself son" Zeus said.

    Hercules looked down to see Iolaus' stirring in his arms looking up at him. He bent down to softly brush his lips against Iolaus' lips, smiling when he pulled back and saw Iolaus's smiling up at him.

    "Thank you father, how did you know..." Hercules spoke as he looked up but Zeus had disappeared. He smiled slightly at his father's antics before pulling Iolaus deeper into his embrace.

the end
Summer Rain :-)