This is a challenge sent out on Hercfic a *looong* time ago but what the heck, I figure its never to late to answer a challenge. :-)

The challenge was for
"...500-1500 words, and it must involve Iolaus (of course, dears!), a blindfold and a centaur".

So here's an extremely late answer to it and what can I say, I went a wee bit past the 1500 words (is ~ 200 words a 'wee bit' ) and I kinda cheated on the centaur bit :-D

Rated R, PWP? Warning: If spanking is a squick for you then don't read this. Warning2: This story contains no plot whatsoever and is a bit of a departure from my usual portrayal of Hercules and Iolaus.

Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me, instead they 'belong' to MCA/Universal. I'm not making any money for this story. K' 'nuff said.
September 1998©


By Summer Rain

Iolaus walked along side Hercules, looking up at the taller man in trepidation. He could tell by the set of the demi-god's jaw that this time he had gone too far.

"Hercules?" the Hunter queried softly, not sure if his companion was on speaking terms with him. The silence that followed the hesitantly spoken name was enough to confirm his fears. Iolaus sighed to himself and stopped in the middle of the road they were traveling on.

"Okay look, why don't we just split up..." he said to Hercules' back, since the taller man had continued walking down the path. He halted in mid-sentence when the demi-god stopped in his tracks and turned slowly to stare at the Hunter.

"What did you just say?" Hercules asked through gritted teeth.

It took Iolaus a moment to pick up his train of thought, so caught was he in his lover's glare.

"Um..just that we both need to cool off. I was thinking we could meet up in a couple of weeks at..." Iolaus trailed off as he watched the demi-god's shoulders relax visibly not realizing what it was he had said that upset the other man so. He changed the direction of the conversation suddenly, needing to explain himself to Hercules. "Look Hercules, I know you're upset about the fight but what I was I supposed to do?" the Hunter asked.

"Oh I don't I know. Maybe you should...not fight" the taller man said as if the answer were obvious.

"Oh please. I asked him a simple question and he got defensive, how was I supposed to know he was going go to turn on me like that?"

The demi-god took a deep breath nostrils flaring as he listened to his lover attempt to explain away his involvement in the fight. Iolaus still didn't get it. He had every confidence in Iolaus' ability to defend himself. The Hunter was cunning and quick and a good person to have at your back during a fight. The centaur however was also a good fighter and had been able to use his greater strength to gain the advantage against the Hunter.

Hercules had turned from speaking with the inn keeper to see his lover being held up by the front of his shirt, feet hanging from the ground as he tried to defend himself against the centaur. A red haze clouded the demi-god's vision as he stumbled over to wrest his lover away from the enraged centaur.

He struck the centaur in mid chest startling him into dropping the blond. Even then Iolaus jumped back up instantly and taunted the centaur, leaving Hercules gaping at him in amazement. It was enough of a delay so that things had changed drastically from there. Bursting into the inn were four other centaurs ready to join the fight. From there a melee had ensued. Hercules had to fend off the centaurs, keep an eye on his lover and throw coin towards the innkeeper for the damages. All as they made their escape from the inn.

It had been a most exasperating beginning for what was supposed to be a week of rest for the two friends.

"This has got to stop Iolaus. We can't keep this up. Soon we won't be welcome in any inn in Greece."

Iolaus merely shrugged and turned to continue down the path. He wanted to continue walking satisfied now that Hercules was at least speaking to him. He also didn't want to give Hercules a chance to wonder exactly what had precipitated the fight in the first place. His breath caught in his throat as he felt the large hand clamp onto his shoulder halting his movements.

"Iolaus, now I'm curious. What was it that you asked the guy anyway?" Hercules asked.

Iolaus' cursed silently to himself. He tried to think of an appropriate response but for once his mind was a total blank. He grunted as the hand shifted down to grip his upper arm and he was whipped around to face the demi-god.

"Iolaus..." his name was practically growled in warning as the other man leaned down so that his gaze was more on level with the blond's.

Iolaus chuckled nervously as he sought to evade the direct gaze. "'re gonna laugh Herc. It was funny after all..uh. You know it was just one of those situations where...well that is to say.

"Iolaus!" this time his name was practically shouted and he could see his lover's nostrils flaring, as he grew impatient. "What did you say to him?" the question was asked through gritted teeth.

"I just asked about his..uh. I've always been curious about the" he tapered off as he saw comprehension dawn on the demi-god's face. Before Iolaus knew what was happening he was being yanked off the side of the road and through the brush struggling to keep up with the demi-god's longer gait.

Iolaus deemed it wise to remain silent as he was led in almost-run from the road. Finally the stopped, the momentum causing him to crash into his lover whom had now turned to face him. He took a step back testing experimentally the hold that Hercules had on his arm. The grip showed no sign of breaking.

"Iolaus I can't believe you got us into that situation. We've discussed it many times and yet you continue. It's time I took appropriate action" Hercules said, yanking the Hunter forward and flipping him over easily across his knee as Hercules sat on the trunk of a fallen tree.

Iolaus cursed as he struggled to free himself from the demi-god's grip.

"Hercules let go! This isn't funny Herc!" he shouted at his companion. Hercules had threatened to do this many times but he didn't think the other man was serious. He found out just how serious his lover was as the first swat connected with his bottom. Iolaus almost jumped out of his skin, more from the shock than any actual pain.

"Hercules, you don't wanna do this" he said to the demi-god as he squirmed against the other man trying to free himself from the unbreakable grip. His struggles were useless however as he well knew. Hercules' continued his punishment until finally Iolaus stopped struggling completely realizing it was useless. It only took a few more spanks to have the Hunter apologizing for his actions and asking his lover's forgiveness.

Iolaus panted as he lay across his lover's strong thighs trying to catch his breath. He couldn't help but squirm slightly as he felt the fiery hit on his bottom. He tensed slightly as Hercules drew the Hunters pants down past the buttocks.

He stifled a gasp as he felt his lover's callused hands press against his smarting cheeks but the pain subsided somewhat at the now soothing touch as Hercules caressed the Hunter's rear.

"Dou you understand why I had to do this Iolaus?" the demi-god asked after a moment. His voice hushed so as not to disturb the stillness.

"Because you love me?" Iolaus asked, hesitantly.

Hercules shifted back on the tree and grasping the Hunter by the waist lifted himself so that he stood between the demi-god's legs. He nodded in affirmation at the Hunter's answer.

"That's right. I love you more than anything or anyone Iolaus. It scares me to death that one day you will get into one of these pointless fights and I won't be around to help you." The demi-god said sadly.

Iolaus felt a sense of shame at the pain he heard in the other man's voice. He flung his arms around his lover's neck and pressed his body close to Hercules to comfort the other man sighing softly as he felt those strong arms return his embrace.

"Do you know what would happen to me if I were to lose you?" Hercules said clutching the Hunter closer. His hands moved lower returning to caressing his lover's ass feeling Iolaus press tighter against him even as he hissed at the contact.

Iolaus sighed in pleasure at the feel of Hercules' body pressed against his. He leaned back slightly and smiled at the other man whose eyes were on level with his own due to Hercules' seated position. It was all the invitation the demi-god needed. He stood and divested each of them of their clothing rapidly only to lower himself to the ground, letting the Hunter come to rest on top of him so that his bottom wouldn't come in contact with the ground.

They moved against each other in an ancient rhythm as they strove for fulfillment. Hercules crying out as the Hunter embraced him tightly, seeking to comfort Hercules even as his body enflamed the demi-god's by its movements.

Hercules shouted his triumph as he felt his lover's seed spill against his body in a testament to the love between them and to the Hunter's continued presence in his life. It was enough to trigger his own release of pleasure and he did so without reserve willing to share everything with his golden Hunter.

"Iolaus, I can't ever lose you" he whispered into the Hunter's golden curls as the Hunter snuggled against his warmth.

The Hunter nodded and pressed a kiss to the demi-god's shoulder as he relaxed against him one hand coming up and stroking the muscled chest. He wouldn't promise to never just wasn't within his power to make such a promise.

He could however make sure to be more careful and to never be the cause of so much pain to his lover again by not questioning any more enraged centaurs about their anatomy.

Or he could just find a friendlier centaur to ask the next time, he thought drowsily as he drifted off to sleep.

--The End--

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